Coaches Corner: Extraordinary Love with Gabriella Taylor

This is a beautiful conversation around love and what it takes to call in and experience extraordinary love with a dear soul sister of mine. Gabriella Taylor is a huge stand for creating a new model for conscious relationship where women are empowered and men are deeply appreciated. As a Relationship Specialist and Professional Coach, Gabriella spends her time serving a handful of highly committed private clients, creates personalized retreats in Hawaii, and leads people through The Journey of Extraordinary Love™, which is a sacred developmental educational process that a person moves through in order to grow up, and show up, for love.

To learn more about her 8 week transformational online program for a small group of conscious women, whether single or in a relationship, visit www.FoundationsOfExtraordinaryLove.com

Or email her at Gabriella [at] gabriellataylor [dot] com

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