On this episode one of Christine’s friends and trusted advisors, Stephanie Roman joins her on the show to talk about being an empath and tapping into your psychic gifts. You will be so incredibly inspired by her story and love her insight on how to live a healthy, empowered life as an empath.

Stephanie channels the Divine to give you messages that resonate in helping you remember your most authentic self and path. She lovingly holds a magic mirror up to you so you can see how wonderful and beautiful you are in the eyes of God. This seemingly simple process helps you feel that connection to something bigger that sometimes becomes lost by our society valuing external direction over your own.

She believes that EVERY person is psychic and that each person experiences multiple different types of abilities over a lifetime. One of her huge missions is helping you recognize and experiment with how to stop doubting your gift in order to integrate them into whatever your big dreams are. She proudly calls herself a “Psychic Trainer” and helps her clients take bigger and bigger leaps of faith in their life by empowering them to know that THEY have all the answers.

You can learn more about here here: https://www.psychictrainerstephanie.com/
If you are interested in her six-week program for empaths, you can call or text her at (469) 332-7228

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