Coaches Corner: The Quest for Love with Emily Pereira

Emily Pereira joins Christine to talk about getting over heartbreak, leaving a “safe/successful” life and finding love and happiness in unexpected places.
She is an international retreat leader, yoga teacher, and women’s coach specializing in helping women call in intimate, heart-thumping, passionate, I got-your-back-no-matter-what love. Her raw vulnerable storytelling laced with mind-blowing ahas about women’s empowerment have reached over 5 million people worldwide. She has written for some of the biggest media outlets of our generation and her first book, a memoir, The Quest: from the Hollywood Hills to the Amazon Jungle, one woman’s search for enough will be released Nov. 10th 2020.
She is also the host of “The Quest for Love Summit” – a 7-Day Virtual Experience curated to help you discover the secrets to wild attraction, cosmic connection and committed devotion. You can join for free at: https://thequestforlovesummit.com/
Emily lives in Santa Teresa, a seaside village along Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, with her husband, Manex and two small children, Saïa Moon & Teotihuacán where together they founded the Sunrise Mountain Retreat and Wellness Center.

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