Coaches Corner: Compassion is a requirement for health with Dr. Nzinga Harrison

This episode is a hug for your mind and your heart. Well-respected physician and educator, Dr. Nzing Harrison joins Christine to speak about how to cope with all the stress of this year, why compassion is a requirement for your brain and health, how to identify and deal with addiction or unhealthy coping strategies and SO much more. Dr. Harrison is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Eleanor Health, a value-based provider of compassionate, comprehensive, outpatient addiction treatment. Approachable and energetic, she has been known to explain medical concepts with an ease and humor that results in her audiences developing understanding of difficult material while having a good time doing it! She has written and presented several articles and workshops on the medical aspects of addiction and other psychiatric disorders, and has consulted on the same topics both nationally and internationally. Despite the credentials, she prides herself on being a  regular ol’ person who loves regular ol’ people. She will tell you the most important accomplishment of her life is her husband and two teenage sons. Nzinga (yes, first name basis!) is excited to embark on this podcast journey, and can’t wait to answer any and all questions you may have about addictive or other psychiatric disorders.

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