Coaches Corner: Dispelling Myths and Discovering the Gifts of ADHD with Ryan Mayer

Ryan Mayer, certified ADDCA and ICF coach, is on a mission to empower others with ADHD toward their greatness. He has coached clients from 19 different countries and has nearly half a million followers on social media.
His Performance and Mindset Coaching helps others navigate through the storms in their lives caused by ADHD, making measurable progress on their most important goals.
Having ADHD himself, Ryan calls on personal experience to equip his clients – who may feel like they are constantly falling short at work and at home – with the strategies to step into the happier life that they deserve.
Ryan is happily married to his (amazing neurotypical) wife Andrea. They have three adorable children and live in Cleveland, OH (USA).
To get Ryan’s 10 day course that is all text message based for 30% off go to https://market.authoritive.com/workthatworksforyouradhd and use “OnWithIt30” at checkout

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