Coaches Corner: Improve Your Financial Health with Kimberlee Davis

Kimberlee’s book and podcast, THE FISCAL FEMINIST, is a financial wake-up call for women in which she shares her personal and professional expertise to help women improve their financial health, money-proof their relationships and learn how to be intentional and strategic with their finances and careers.
Kimberlee has more than 25 years of finance, legal and corporate experience. She is currently a managing director and partner at the private wealth management firm The Bahnsen Group and a certified divorce financial analyst. But Kimberlee hasn’t always been so confident with money.
After a long and contentious divorce that completely upended her life, Kimberlee found herself in the trenches where many of her clients and listeners currently are today. She wasn’t prepared financially and was afraid for her and her children’s future. Her mission is to ensure no other woman has to feel afraid like she did.
While many women feel overwhelmed today in a post-pandemic world, juggling careers, motherhood and a looming recession, Kimberlee believes every woman can improve her financial health no matter her age, economic or marital status.

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