EP 450: How Your Fear of Loss Could Actually Lead to Loss with Shelley

In this episode, Christine engages in a coaching call with Shelley, who is grappling with the ramifications of her fear of loss in her relationships. Through deep, introspective conversation, Christine helps Shelley uncover the ways in which her attempts to avoid loss may actually be precipitating the very outcomes she fears.

Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you often find yourself sabotaging situations not intentionally, but as a protective measure?
  • Are you hyper-vigilant in your relationships, constantly preparing for the worst?
  • Can you recognize how your fear of loss might be contributing to the problems you experience in relationships?

Guest Insights:

  • Shelley shares her struggles as a highly sensitive person who takes things personally and tends to anticipate negative outcomes, even in positive situations.
  • She realizes her need for control stems from a deep-seated fear of unexpected negative outcomes, which she tries to preempt by focusing on the negative possibilities.

Aha Moments:

  • Recognizing that preparing for the worst as a way of coping with fear can inadvertently bring about negative outcomes.
  • Understanding that her protective behaviors, while meant to safeguard her from pain, are keeping her from experiencing deeper connections and joy in relationships.

How to Get Over It:

  • Embrace vulnerability by acknowledging and expressing fears without letting them dictate behaviors.
  • Work on shifting focus from potential loss to the potential for joy and fulfillment in relationships.
  • Consider therapy or coaching to address underlying fears and learn healthier coping mechanisms.

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