Money represents something to you. We all want financial freedom and abundance. And we all DESERVE to have it. You know this to be true but you might doubt it because you struggle with finances, or feel overwhelmed by your transition to financial independence. Perhaps you’ve never learned how to manage money, or the thought of improving your financial situation seems impossible.

This is why you are invited to be part of my Virtual Money Makeover program where you can focus on improving your relationship with money, which will change your current financial reality.  You will focus on your personal finances, updating your limiting beliefs around money, and take radical proactive steps towards budgeting, saving, and investing.

What do you want?  To be debt-free?  To save for the vacation of your dreams?  Start contributing to your 401K or IRA? To create a budget? To live within your means? To educate yourself about money?

And what about your beliefs around money?  Freedom from stressing about money? Confidence about your financial future?  Separating your worth from your net-worth? A deeper understanding about the truth of money?

Imagine never ever again saying, “I just can’t afford it!”

Personal finance is not always something taught in school, or by our parents, so we have to think about and manage on our own. To feel more financially secure, you need to re-frame the ways you look at money and create positive financial habits. In this Virtual Money Makeover Course, you will do this by examining your finances in three time frames: your financial past, present and future.

You will receive:

  • Support. Receiving support and being held accountable are so important in creating positive habits and letting go of what you don’t want.
  • Individual Guidance. You are not in this journey of life alone, and I have been where you are before! Get practical and inspirational guidance from me to navigate your finances – and your financial lessons – so that you can create your ideal situation.
  • Tools. Walk away with tools to support you in your money management and ways to release your old money stories.
  • Results. You will transform you relationship or situation with money for the better!

You can join me from anywhere in the world, as this program is virtual and self-lead.

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 1 payment of $47
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Feels good, doesn’t it? IT’S POSSIBLE!!!!

If you are ready to take charge of your finances, create your financial plan, and know you can create the financial picture you want, then take action now and start your Money Makeover!

YOU are your best investment. Invest in you and you will see the shifts begin! You are worth it.

If you would like to set up a coaching session with one of the coaches that works on my team for further support during this course, please email

Register here green

 1 payment of $47
2 payments of $23.50


Please email Jill at with any questions you have.

“This course was a total life-saver for me. I learned how much my beliefs about money were impacting me and was able to immediately change them. One day after I completed the course, I got a job offer – amazing!!” Jennifer, 27, Memphis

“I was hesitant to invest in this course because I am saving every penny but I’m so glad I did because I saw that not spending money on myself was actually making me have less. I have a new idea of what abundance is and for the first time in a really long time do not feel stressed about money.” – Ilena, 21, Los Angeles

“I wish I had learned this stuff in college!! It would have saved me a lot of money and suffering. Glad I know it now – this course rocks!” – Amr, 32, Boston