Wednesday, September 6th at 1PM Pacific / 3PM Central / 4PM Eastern

Curious about what happens on the retreat? Join us!

In this intimate Signature Retreat Alumni panel, you will hear from women who have been deeply impacted by their experience at this retreat. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and hear what their lives were like before and after this experience.

Hi, I’m Christine Hassler, and I also spent years in therapy, hours reading personal growth books, and thousands of dollars on coaches. I saw some improvements in my life, but nothing moved the needle forward in a major way.

Then I started doing experiential work in a safe environment with other women, and it was like getting 5-10 years of therapy in one weekend.

I realized that personal transformation doesn’t have to take 5-20+ years in therapy. You can move through things and heal quickly. You can have breakthroughs that last more than just a week or a month, and that change your life on a tangible level.

Now I’m a leading Life Coach with over a decade of experience helping my clients create measurable transformations in their lives. One of my favorite events I facilitate is my Signature Women's Retreat.

Every year I’m overwhelmed by the feedback from women about how much they’ve healed and grown in just one weekend.

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