Release self-sabotage, heal past pain, and
reclaim your confidence.

Women's Signature Retreat 2023

October 13th - 15th, 2023 | San Diego

Are there aspects of your life that just aren’t working? Do you feel like nothing’s terribly wrong, yet nothing’s quite right, either… as if you’re just coasting?

If you feel like memories and stuck emotions are holding you back, like your dreams are impossible, and like you’re not even sure what you genuinely want in life, you’ve landed in the right place.

Maybe things look good from the outside – you have a solid job, friends, and apartment – but inside you’re struggling, and you want to feel more satisfied, whole, and lit up.

A lot of my clients even feel spoiled when they come to me, like they should just be quiet, and be happy with their relatively-privileged lives.

But deep down they know they’re meant for something greater…

  • A career that makes them want to JUMP out of bed in the morning
  • Friends and a partner they’re 100% connected to and supported by
  • More energy, peace, and focus every day, and self-acceptance on off days
  • Less self-judgment and judgment of others, and more self-love
  • A noticeable “sparkle” that draws in amazing people and opportunities

… but something invisible is holding them back. And they’re unsure exactly what it is, making it difficult to know what type of help to ask for.

If you identify with any of this, I want to ask you something: What if you could heal your pain, rewire your ingrained patterns, and finally gain momentum so you can live the life you KNOW you’re meant for?

Maybe right now you’re…

On a career path someone else (or maybe you yourself) pushed on you, and deep down you know it’s not what you really want to be doing… and you’re wondering if it’s even possible to shift gears at this point.

Almost desperate for a solution to your chronic emotional and mental stress, and inexplicable feelings of dis-ease.

Aware of what you should be doing on a mental level, but haven’t experienced true and lasting change from of all these amazing healing tools you’ve learned.

Wanting to feel more connected and confident, be less anxious, and stop getting triggered so easily.

Wishing you were more compassionate with yourself, knowing that if you talked to your friends the way you talk to yourself, you would not have any friends.

Craving more intimate friendships and connections with women who truly “get” you and are into the things you love, like spirituality and personal development.

Women come to the Signature Retreat to finally heal their past and make the permanent shifts they’ve been trying to make for years, or even decades.

And some of them are afraid the Signature Retreat won’t work for them…

  • cori

    “I was anxious that this retreat wouldn’t work for me. As I rode the waves of emotions throughout the weekend, my heart began to swell with the purest love that I have ever felt, and the weight of trauma finally released its vicious grip from my mind, heart, and soul. I emerged from the retreat with a greater sense of self, a greater understanding and appreciation for others, and an amazing support system consisting of the women who journeyed next to me during that weekend.”

    -Cori Ochoa

  • 5B39CA26-C7A1-4ACA-A497-19881B61C860

    “An AMAZING experience from start to finish - attending a live event made such a difference. The retreat was very well organized and Christine was beyond generous with her time and thoughtfulness in coaching participants.  The exercises got me out of my comfort zone EVERY time and stretched not only my mind but also my body. I also created some amazing, lifelong friendships with some of the women. Definitely attending the next retreat!!”

    - Arrika S.

What if you stopped questioning your life and your choices, and no longer lived in survival mode? Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and picture living in a state of complete peace and clarity.

Feeling confident almost 100% of the time, and genuinely satisfied with yourself, your work, your relationships, your body, and your spirituality. Imagine REALLY trusting that the Universe will always take care of you, and living without anxiety or fear.

How would that change your life? Could it lead to a job promotion? Starting your own business after years of quiet consideration? Closer friends, and a DREAMY partner? Supportive, healthy relationships with your family members?

  • Megan Garza

    “I went in with an open mind and left with a newfound confidence. Getting to the root of my issues allowed me to take charge of my life and see the woman I’m meant to be. I made amazing bonds with women who I now see as forever friends. I highly recommend investing in yourself! I now have tools when I need them at home.”


  • Erika_G_Page_Photo

    “I can say without a doubt, after experiencing many years of therapy, workshops, retreats, healing modalities and you name it - Christine's signature retreat was the most powerful and profound 3 days in my seventeen year quest of personal development. I am cracked open in ways I never thought possible and hearing the call of limitless possibility. Shame, doubt, and grief has been released at deep levels for me. As a 50 year old woman, I thought I would be feeling like I was mid-life... but the way I feel now, I am feeling my heart whisper, "you are just getting started my love.”

    -Erika P.

Screenshot 2020-12-19 154355

Curious about what happens on the retreat? Listen to this!


What exactly happens on my Signature Retreat?

If you truly healed and rewired your system, perhaps you would…

  • Quit your job and start pursuing the big dream you’ve been putting off.
  • Finally attract the relationships – friendships and romantic – you’ve always wanted in your life.
  • Embody true freedom and ease every day, in your body and soul.
  • Dissolve heaviness, fatigue, and hating on your body, without changing your diet, necessarily.

If you’re in a rut you can’t get out of, I want to tell you something: You CAN truly heal, gain clarity on your purpose, and develop unshakable faith in yourself and the Universe. And it doesn’t have to take years of therapy.

It can happen in one weekend. Yes, it’s possible to reclaim your confidence, self-worth, and energy in a few days. I’ve experienced this myself, and so have hundreds of my clients.

  • Chrystal-Image

    I went into the retreat as if my life depended on it, which it did. The retreat got to the core, answered and released the “unexplainable feelings” we still feel, even though we intelligently know it should be different. I physically and psychologically live more connected to myself and less triggered and anxious in my everyday life. The retreat taught me how to be more compassionate towards myself, and inherently towards others, and build deeper connections with people.”


  • NicoleRyan_June2022_1110

    "I will never be the same. What I have experienced in the space created with all these women can never be lost. It's now a part of me. The experience actually gave back parts of me that had been lost and longing for acceptance. Being guided by Christine and the other facilitators in such a grounded and compassionate way, allowed me to open up fully and embrace what was ready to be seen and healed. The best word to describe the journey is magic...all of it. We were given full permission to let ourselves be felt, seen and heard among other souls rising at the same time...more of me now gets to live in this beautiful world we call life! Grateful”

    -Nicole R.

You too can release emotions and situations that are holding you back, get tools for lasting change, and become whole, healed, and unstuck… very quickly.

Once you let go of the blocks you’re aware of – and the ones you have yet to discover – the puzzle comes together: The partner, career, and friends you’ve always wanted appear in your life with ease. You feel better than ever, physically, mentally, and emotionally….

… like yourself, but without all the stickiness that’s been clouding your brain, manifesting as physical pain in your body, and holding you back in your life.

Boss Babe Photography - Spring Retreat 2019 Portraits - 0006

If you’ve landed on this page, I’m guessing you’ve done a lot of personal growth work already, but you’re not where you think you “should” be.

You find yourself wondering, why hasn’t it “worked”?! I’ve done years of therapy, meditation, and read tons of personal growth books, yet I still feel kind of empty and unaccomplished. There must be something wrong with me. I must be flawed. And I’m exhausted!

Deep down, maybe you’re afraid you’ll never reach your full potential, and you’ll always just be “fine” and “average”… but never amazing. Never like what you imagined for your life when you were a little kid.

  • tracy

    “I’ve done extensive personal development work including courses, masterminds, events, and one-on-one coaching from some of the best of the best. Nothing has been quite as transformational as the weekend Signature Retreat. The retreat takes you through an entire journey of pain, joy, anger, sadness, and excitement. It brings you awareness, helps you acknowledge the role your soul curriculum has played in your life, and gives you effective action steps to truly move forward. Christine is a lightworker, world changer, and someone who will always be a part of my journey. Forever grateful.”

    -Tracy O’Malley

I see you. I see your innate brilliance. I know how much you have to share with the world, but right now you feel trapped. Like you need to shed the emotional weight that’s holding you back, so you can become unstoppable.

Hi, I’m Christine Hassler, and I also spent years in therapy, hours reading personal growth books, and thousands of dollars on coaches. I saw some improvements in my life, but nothing moved the needle forward in a major way.

Then I started doing experiential work in a safe environment with other women, and it was like getting 5-10 years of therapy in one weekend.

I realized that personal transformation doesn’t have to take 5-20+ years in therapy. You can move through things and heal quickly. You can have breakthroughs that last more than just a week or a month, and that change your life on a tangible level.

Now I’m a leading Life Coach with over a decade of experience helping my clients create measurable transformations in their lives. One of my favorite events I facilitate is my Signature Women's Retreat.

Every year I’m overwhelmed by the feedback from women about how much they’ve healed and grown in just one weekend.

If it’s your turn, I’m ready for you. If you want to feel a tangible release in your body and let go of some things you didn’t even know you were carrying, you should come. You’re worth it. Consider this retreat your rebirth

Boss Babe Photography - Spring Retreat 2019 Portraits - 0041
Screenshot 2020-12-19 155603


A lot of people are afraid to face what they’ve been brushing under the rug for 10, 20, or even 30 years, and that’s totally normal.

If that’s you, I invite you to consider this: Could you be more scared of what your life will look like if you don’t deal with the things you’re avoiding?

How will your life look in 10, 20, or 30 years if you don’t feel, heal, and deal with what’s coming up?

  • CaraHeadshot

    “Signature Retreat was the safety and security I needed to open my deepest wounds. Wounds I never felt safe to open, depths I never felt safe to plunge, even after years of personal development work, because I was scared that opening those wounds and going to those depths would somehow be the end of me. I simply wouldn’t survive. But being at Signature Retreat with Christine was like being held in the arms of the most compassionate, nurturing, unconditionally loving and encouraging mother, as I went there over and over again.”


If you find yourself…

  • Quit your job and start pursuing the big dream you’ve been putting off.
  • Finally attract the relationships – friendships and romantic – you’ve always wanted in your life.
  • Embody true freedom and ease every day, in your body and soul.
  • Dissolve heaviness, fatigue, and hating on your body, without changing your diet, necessarily.

… I designed this retreat for you.

During our weekend together you will…

  • Identify and release memories and emotions that have been holding you back
  • Pinpoint patterns that are blocking you from getting what you want
  • Gain clarity on your life direction, and solid momentum to move forward
  • Become less critical and judgmental of yourself and others
  • Connect and bond with other women in a confidential, safe setting
  • Relax into soothing guided meditations and breathwork
  • Stop overthinking and start listening to your intuition, no matter what
  • Get 1-1 coaching in group setting from Christine while being supported by like-minded women
  • Develop unshakable confidence in yourself, and complete trust in your life path
  • PL

    “Christine has an incredible gift of providing insight, space, and compassionate guidance through the muddy waters, roadblocks and dark places of your life, while keeping you safe and secure in the process. At the retreat this process becomes a whole-body experience on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Christine and her staff create a safe environment to courageously face what’s holding you back, understand its origin, release any associated memories and emotions, and emerge with clarity of who you are meant to be – not an easy process to simply entrust to anyone!”


  • mandy image

    “I didn’t know how much anger was stored up inside me until I was given the permission to express it. Before the retreat, I would immediately cry when I felt anger due to feeling helpless among other coping behaviors I developed from an abusive past. Now, I am able to fully express my anger in a safe and healthy way. I feel heard and move forward after a conflict without feeling trampled over or emotionally shutting down. If you are on the fence about going, jump off of it and into the arms of Christine and her team! They’ve got you – and so do the other women who attend. You’ll witness and experience some incredible acts of courage, vulnerability, strength and straight-up joy.”


  • stock-yvonne

    “Attending Christine’s Signature Retreat has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my personal growth. I resisted at first, feeling I couldn’t take time away from work and life responsibilities. But having followed Christine’s work for the last few years, I trusted that the retreat would be curated in a way that would facilitate a shift I knew I needed. And it was. Christine and her team did an amazing job. I felt supported and guided the entire weekend to do work that ultimately has left an imprint on my life. Since coming home, I approach my days with a different awareness, allowing for improvement in areas where I was feeling stuck. An added bonus I wasn’t expecting is the beautiful friendships I came away with – what a gift!”


  • zoe

    “This was truly the most transformational experience of my entire life. Everything is different. I feel an immense peace, a boundless love, and a deepened connection to spirit beyond my imagination. My entire world looks different. I feel different. I am not the same human being. My spirit is stronger, louder – colors, smells, sounds… it is all different. Nothing in my life will ever be the same. I have found what I have been looking for in your healing and therapy modality – and I have been searching for almost two decades.”


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Here are the Signature Retreat details…

October 13-15, 2023
Friday through Sunday

Friday: Check in begins at 12pm noon, and the retreat starts at 1pm
Sunday: We’ll close the weekend around 4pm

Paradise Point 1404 Vacation Road San Diego, CA 92109

Early bird: $2497 early enrollment (register by July 1st, save $500)
Regular enrollment: $2997
We offer payment plans for both options.

Your ticket includes the retreat and all meals. It does not include hotel or transportation. Book your hotel early to get our special group rate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Space is limited for this retreat, and we’ve had a waitlist every year for the past 10 years. Register now!

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Email us at or book a call. We’re committed to you having the most incredible retreat experience.