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You’ve been asking…so I am finally doing it

I will never forget Roxann. She was my first client as a life coach. Her boyfriend heard me on a radio show talking about my book and emailed me to ask if I would work with her. At the time, I was not even promoting myself as a life coach even though it was my dream to be one.

I wanted to say yes but I was filled with self-doubt. Could I actually coach someone? Would I provide any value? What if I do not help at all? How much do I charge? Do I see her in person?

The questions went on and on. I reached out to Mona, my coach at the time, and shared all my concerns. She reassured me that although I was young and still learning, I had enough experience and compassion to create value. She also promised to train me as a coach and be the expert I could go to with questions (which I really needed because boy did I have a lot of them when I was starting out!). 

My first session with Roxanne was a week later and I worked with her off and on for a couple years. 

That was 2005. Now 13 years later, coaching is my passion, my zone of genius and the way that I use my gifts to create impact. And now it is time for me to step more fully into the role of mentor and teacher by training aspiring and current coaches, therapists, authors, speakers, facilitators and light workers. Many of you have been asking me for this for years and I finally have a way to offer it to you. 

You feel a call to impact others through the power of coaching and personal development. You want to know how to build and grow your business in a way that feels good and does not burn you out. You long for the kind of reassurance and expert advice that Mona gave me so you feel more confident as you put yourself out there as a life coach.  You have a vision of thriving financially as a coach, author, speaker, therapist, facilitator, but just do not know how to make it happen.

If any of the above remotely applies to you, even if you are in another career right now and have not begun to get trained or transition into being a coach, keep reading because I think you are really going to like the invitation I have for you. 

The weekend of June 29h I will be hosting a two-day retreat where I will teach the art and business of coaching. Becoming a successful coach requires being exceptional at two key things: creating results as a coach and creating results as an entrepreneur. 

I did not begin as an exceptional coach or entrepreneur. It took me years to become masterful and profitable in the personal development industry. I had so many internal and external blocks to overcome.

I had to get over my own self-doubt and the “who am I to…” story.  I had to work through so many of my own issues before I could feel confident to help others. I had to reframe tons of limiting beliefs around making money doing something that I loved. I had to stop comparing myself to other people.  I had to break through my insecurity around selling myself and charging what I was worth. And so much more!

And then there were all the external challenges to face. There was so much I did not know!  And still more I did not even know I did not know. Everything from how to set up myself as a corporation to creating client contracts to marketing. Building a website that actually did something other than just cost me money. Learn how to leverage social media. Create content that impacted and served people. And, again, so much more.

Bottom line: I have spent the past 13 years investing in my business and myself. Today I am proud to say I am a Master Coach doing what I love with a profitable personal growth company that helps thousands of people . . . and you can be too if that is a calling you feel.

Join me for my inaugural Masterclass where I will take everything I have learned and condense it into two days. Investing in these two days will save you so much time and money. Learn from my mistakes and accelerate the growth of your business.

This weekend is for you if you:

  • Have a desire to transition out of your current career and pursue a career in personal development.
  • Are an aspiring or current life or health coach.
  • Want to start making the kind of money as a coach that enables you to leave all other jobs.
  • Resonate with my work, coaching style and business.
  • Are ready to break free of the internal blocks that hold you back.
  • Want to feel more confident and effective when it comes to marketing, sales and content creation.
  • Feel like you are gifted as a coach but do not know where to find your clients.
  • Would love to see the “behind the scenes” of my business.

AND TONS MORE!!! Please GO HERE for the full details and agenda for the weekend.

Many of you either registered for or considered B-School. If you enrolled, this is the perfect compliment. If you did not but were considering it, this is the perfect next step and an opportunity to learn in a LIVE forum rather than through an online course.

This event will be capped so please register soon. If you have any questions or want to talk through whether or not this Masterclass is right for you, please email jill@christinehassler.com and she will take very good care of you.

I am SO EXCITED to help more and more coaches get their gifts out into the world and make money doing it!!

And Roxann if you are reading this email now, you hold a special place in in my heart. I will always remember you and be grateful for that very first email asking if I would work with you.


P.S. Be sure to check out this week’s podcast, Episode 130 where I coach Marie on how to create authentic relationships by healing old wounds.

On the fence about B-School? This may help

If you’ve been considering joining B-School but something is keeping you from enrolling, I get it. I understand it is a lot of money. I also get that it is a big time commitment and can feel overwhelming.

You may be asking: Can I afford it? Is now really a good time? Will I get what I need from it? Will I be able to keep up with the content?

So, if you are still on the fence about B-school, this email will help you get clear.

Here are important things to keep in mind:

1. Investing in YOU and YOUR business is the best investment you can make. You’ve heard, “It takes money to make money.” Well it is true. That said, you do not want to “waste” money on things without a high ROI. B-school is a highly vetted and endorsed program that will save you time and money that would otherwise spend trying to access all the information taught in other ways.

Also, Marie is offering a 12-pay option to make it a whole lot easier to afford! Go here to enroll now.

Also if someone close to you is challenging this decision, Marie recently created some language to help you communicate more clearly with your family and friends (or maybe even a business partner). Here’s an example of what you might say:

“B-School is definitely an investment, but if I want my business to grow and make money, I can’t stagnate. I really believe in my business and want it to succeed—for myself and for our family. In order to do that, I can’t operate in isolation. I need to meet and work with others to share ideas, learn new strategies, get valuable feedback, and make connections. This is really important for me. Can you get behind this?”

2. A good idea and passion is not enough to make money. I have not built my business on my gifts and enthusiasm alone. It has required structure, planning and coaching from others. Good ideas need a revenue-making model behind them to generate income otherwise, they are just hobbies.

B-school teaches you how to identify and reach your ideal consumer and then turn them into paying customers. Plus if you enroll in my community, I will personally work with you to come up with strategies to get customers.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, B-school gives you a CLEAR roadmap so you can focus your ideas and passion in a way that is productive rather than just trying a bunch of different things hoping one will work.


3. Being an entrepreneur can get lonely. The special community you will be a part of if you enroll through my link will give you the support and connection that is so important for your sanity!

I am here to support you in building the business of your dreams, being your own boss and finally turning your great ideas into a revenue-making reality!

And don’t forget I am offering LOTS of additional free support including four live coaching calls, a private Facebook community, customized meditations, free access to my online products and a Masterminding day with me in California this summer!! All the details are here.

It is time to get on with building the biz and life you LOVE!!! No more waiting for the “perfect” time. B-school only opens enrollment once a year so the time is NOW.

To your success!


P.S. Did you catch my awesome interview with Marie Forleo on my podcast? You will not want to miss this one. We dive deep into everything business related and you will see why I love her work so much. Click here to listen now.

EP 92: Break through blocks in your professional life with Jon

EP92v2This episode is about removing inner blocks and eliminating blind spots. Today’s caller, Jon, is struggling with how his business is structured and the people he is hiring. He thought he was calling for some practical how-tos but the call went in a slightly different direction.

To shift our outer experience we must look inward first. So often we attempt to figure it out. We try to find solutions to our problems with our mind, and look for the actions to take to fix something. But in doing so we miss the incredible chance to look within and extract the learning opportunity from the situation.

My coaching to Jon was about getting him out of his head and more into his heart. There was no issue with his accountability or drive; the block was more about how he was perceiving himself and his situation.

Whenever you are presented with a challenge, or when things in your life feel off or aren’t going the way you want, ask “What is the message?” and “What am I learning?” Answers become clear when we stop mentalizing everything so much.

When we are attempting to figure things out on our own, it’s more challenging to get a new insight. The spiritual definition of a miracle is a change in perception.

My Inner Circle Membership Community is an easy way for you to find like-minded people and get more access to me and my coaching. Email Jill@ChristineHassler.com to ask about membership. And, don’t miss my Coaches Corner episodes. There is new content every Saturday.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Is there a situation you can’t seem to figure out?
  • Are you an entrepreneur, business leader, or manager who would like to be better at making money and managing people?
  • Do you think sales is a dirty word? If selling is part of your job, do you resist it?
  • Do you have a clear vision of your why? Do you know why you do what you do, and do you feel passionate about it?

Jon’s Question:

Jon is finding it difficult to find the right people for his business and would like to find a remedy.

Jon’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • He finds sales frustrating.
  • Rejection is a pain point for him.
  • He understands the fear of survival.
  • He hasn’t connected his freelancers to his why.
  • He keeps himself protected from rejection.
  • He will make his people feel like they are part of a team.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • He should focus more on his clients and enroll them into his why.
  • He should find out why his freelancers want to work with him.
  • He should consider how he has bridged gaps in the past.
  • He should become less transactional and lean into connection.
  • He should consider himself more of a leader and less of an executor.

Action Steps:

  • If you’re stuck or challenged in any area of your life, how can you look at it from a different perspective? Stop trying to figure it out and be curious. Explore different ways of approaching it.
  • What’s your avoidance trap? Is it rejection? What do you spend so much time avoiding, that you are not focusing enough time on bringing in the things you want?
  • If you are in sales, is there something you need to shift, in terms of your perception of it? Do you need to become more enrolling instead of just selling?


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My best b-school bonuses ever

First a note to my dear community: My regular blog/vlog style will be back next week.  I just wanted to make sure you knew about my free B-School bonuses to help you build your business.

If you would prefer to avoid an expectation hangover when it comes to making your dreams a profitable and purposeful reality, I have great news for you.  B-School registration opens today and I am psyched to share the special ways I will support you through the this online business school for modern entrepreneurs.

Since my zone of genius is coaching, I designed a package that offers you the most access to get live, personalized coaching from me.  Building your own business is totally rewarding, but not exactly easy emotionally, mentally, or financially (otherwise everyone would do it, right?!). That is why I am committed to pulling from over a decade of experience as a life and business coach to maximize your B-school experience if you enroll through my partner link.

And this year I have added a super special addition that will give you the opportunity to mastermind with me this summer at my home in San Diego.

What is most unique about my bonuses is that you will be part of a smaller, more intimate group where you will get one-on-one coaching from me.

I BELIEVE in you and these bonuses will ensure that you are successful at completing and implementing what you learn in B-School.

Here are the bonuses valued at over $1999 you will receive if you enroll through my link:

  • Four 90 minute live group coaching calls. These will take place every other week of the program beginning the week of March 13th. I’ll answer your questions and coach you through any roadblocks that come up. You will also get access to behind-the-scenes stories from my own business. These calls are recorded and sent to you if you cannot join live.
  • Private Facebook group with access to me throughout the program. This will be another forum for questions and where I share how I have applied each week’s lesson in my own business. The B-School community is BIG so this will provide you with a forum where you will not get lost in the crowd and where you also may feel more comfortable sharing with a smaller group.
  • 4 CUSTOM meditations and visualizations. A regular spiritual practice has been crucial to my success. I create customized guided meditations that complement each B-School module. The visualizations are what I use to grow my own business – and keep me grounded and connected while doing it.
  • Free access to my TOP FOUR online courses. This is a major score!! Shop around my online store and dive into any of these courses including: The Expectation Hangover video workshop, Men Exposed, Finding Your Purpose Career Course, and My Money Makeover Course!!

And, wait there is more . . .

This year I am adding a SUPER MAJOR BONUS:


Everyone in my B-School community is invited to my home to spend the day Masterminding with myself and my business partner. We will dive into your business and give you the kind of hot-seat, one-on-one attention that is seriously PRICELESS. We will share strategies and secrets to leverage what I call your “Secret Sauce.” You will also mastermind with your fellow B-Schoolers and get even more ideas and action steps. This is an incredibly life changing opportunity and I’m psyched to offer it to you because Masterminding has been KEY to the success of my business!

Some deets about the Mastermind Day: The date will a weekend day in summer 2017. We will determine the date by polling the group to ensure maximum attendance. We will be live streaming the event so if you cannot make it live, you can join us online.

If you…

  • Desire to start a thriving business that you love and gives you freedom
  • Are ready to take your business to the next level
  • Are craving expert guidance and a step-by-step plan

…then B-School is for you!

I wake up everyday feeling grateful to do work I love and the freedom that comes with having my own business.  You can too!

I’d be honored to support you in your business building journey.

Let’s do this! I




bschool bonus img