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How to feel more connected spiritually and have faith

Oh my goodness – this is such an exciting email to write you….

First I have goosebumps all over because this week marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my Over It & On With It podcast.  It has been such an incredible journey to co-create this show where so much healing and transformation happens!!  Thank you to all of you who listen and who have been courageous guests on the show.

In the introduction of this week’s episode, I talk more about some of the profound experiences I have had as a result of doing this show each week. Go here to listen.

I also share about one of my favorite things: cultivating a relationship with a Higher Power (whatever that means to you).  For most of my life I longed to feel a spiritual connection but struggled to feel it and truly have faith.  So if you can relate to that or long to deepen your spiritual practice, I’ve got ya!

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EP 59: How to Feel More Connected Spiritually and Have Faith with Toni

EP59v2The human experience is a beautiful thing, even when it’s challenging. It is sacred when someone is vulnerable. Today’s caller, Toni, shares her vulnerability as she asks for guidance. She reveals that many of the decisions of her life come from a place of fear. Toni is confused about what security and love really are. We talk about having a relationship with a higher power especially after she has gone through times in her life when she didn’t feel there was any kind of God.

There IS some kind of higher power. There are so many names for it, so many ways people interpret it, but to me, it is infinite unconditional love. It may be hard to believe in any kind of God, when there is so much suffering in the world. The best way I can attempt to understand all the horrible things that happen, is that they happen as a result of human choice and free will.

While many human choices are still made from a place of pain and fear, we are in a time of awakening. We are in a massive shift in consciousness. What is available to us all, is to make the choice to see the world through spiritual eyes. See ourselves through more spiritual eyes, without judgment; to see through the eyes of infinite and unconditional love. To heal our own pain that is preventing us from feeling connected to a higher power. We are moving into more acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude.

If you are craving a deeper spiritual connection, please don’t wait for God to prove itself to you — instead, open your heart, and pray to be shown the way.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are one. You are love. You are connected.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel you are operating more out of fear than faith?
  • Are you making a lot of decisions with fear or self-doubt?
  • Are you a people pleaser, who is afraid of disappointing people?
  • Is connecting to a higher power challenging to you? If you do have a connection, would you like to deepen it?
  • Are there situations in your life that make you doubt whether a God exists?

Toni’s Question:

Toni feels all aspects of her life are affected by her making decisions from a place of fear. She would like to find a way to think more productively.

Toni’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She fears failing and disappointing people.
  • Her self-worth is based on her people pleasing.
  • She’s confused about what security and love really are.
  • She hasn’t felt protected, or connected to her spirituality, since her father passed.
  • She feels like she would be clearer, if she had a spiritual connection.
  • She has been operating in survival mode.
  • She should know she is not broken.
  • She can change her relationship with herself, today.
  • She can focus on her blessings, not on her fears.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should realize she can access her spirituality.
  • She should start processing her pain, and remove judgment, to arrive at forgiveness and love.
  • She should put herself in an environment where she can heal.
  • She can start cultivating her relationship with God, by talking to him/her.

Assignments and Takeaways:

  • What is in your way of a connection to a higher power?
  • What is keeping you in patterns of people pleasing and indecision?
  • Do you have old trauma that needs to be processed?
  • What beliefs may be keeping you from having beliefs?
  • What religious upbringing did you have, which no longer resonates with you?
  • You need to find which truth resonates with you.
  • Look for a spiritual community of people who are committed to awakening, and who know we are all connected to source.
  • Start to develop a relationship with your higher power.
  • Pray for experiences, feelings, and pray to be shown the way.


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Having confidence is not as hard as you think

Last week in my women’s coaching circle, one of the women was sharing about a work situation and expressed that she “needs to work on being more confident.” She believed that she would be more respected in her company if she communicated like the other employees who she perceives as being more confident.

Can you relate? Are there situations in your life where you wish you felt more confident?

We have all had moments of mild to extreme self-consciousness where the feeling of confidence seems about as far away as Jupiter. Those awkward moments or instances where we feel judged by others often make us believe that we need to “work on” becoming more confident.

How have you “worked on” being more confident? Perhaps by taking public speaking classes? Rehearsing things you want to say in front a mirror? Getting a coach? Buying a new outfit?

While all those things are wonderful forms of self-support, feeling more confident actually takes way less effort. I explain in more detail in my vlog below, but here is the bottom line: the only reason that you do not feel confident is because you are judging yourself. Period. Really.

The instant you stop judging yourself and looking for all of the ways you should be more, better, or different you will experience confidence. You do NOT feel confident because you are not accepting yourself fully for who you are.

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What if it was all made up?

Yesterday was Halloween – a day where being scared is fun and actually intended. Ghosts and goblins may spook us but only temporarily because logically we know it’s just pretend! Fake fear can be fun, but the real fear we experience, the kind that haunts us throughout the year, is definitely not so fun.

But what if most of the fear that you do experience was not real? What if the things that scare you are just pretend?

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