Last spring I received an email from a woman named Katherine that I’m guessing you might relate to.  Here’s what she said:

I feel stuck and fear I will not accomplish my goals. I feel like I am not living into my full potential.  Deep down I know that this incredible woman is within me, but for whatever reason I’m afraid of letting her out – or maybe I just don’t know how.  She is compassionate, joyful, and motivated by love, not fear. She takes care of her body and mind, and brings joy to everyone she knows. She does not worry or mope, she seizes the moment. She is confident and loves herself.  If I fully stepped into that person, I believe I would live up to more of my potential and follow my dreams. But I don’t know how.  I have done a lot of work on myself but can’t seem to get past a certain point.  Help!”

The first thing I told Katherine was that she is not alone. We have all felt stuck. We have all felt the pain of not living into our full potential.  We have all had things happen that we have a hard time getting over.

So I suggested to Katherine that she consider coming to my signature retreat because I could sense her readiness.  Initially her concerns about the financial investment, the time away from her family and spending a weekend with a group of strangers came up.

But when we discussed what Katherine really wants: clarity, freedom from a situation she was regretting, and a deeper acceptance of her body, the possibilities began to quiet her concerns.

Katherine decided to invest in herself and join the retreat.  And I’m so glad she did because she had what she called a “life-changing experience.”  Katherine is now experiencing herself as the confident woman she imagined because she healed some major things at the retreat, took action on the steps she committed to, and used the tools she learned.

I’m sharing Katherine’s story with you, because I want you to have the same experience she did.

You are 100% capable of transforming your life if you’re willing to invest in yourself.

So, I’d like to invite you to join me January 8-10th when I host my signature retreat again. I have facilitated this retreat since 2008 and seen the remarkable transformation that occurs.

If you desire:

  • Self-confidence, truly seeing and valuing your own unique gifts to free yourself from comparison
  • Space outside of your normal routine to get clarity
  • A feeling of being whole and trusting your own process
  • The ability trust your intuition and the Universe
  • Tools to release your emotions rather than suppress them or indulge in them
  • A deeper, richer spiritual practice
  • Freedom from self-judgment or obsessing about what others think of you
  • Divine self acceptance
  • Supportive, life long friendships with people who understand you and share your values
  • Action steps that will create momentum and desired outcomes in your life

I encourage you to register soon because this is a very limited-size retreat so you are able to receive individual attention.

If there is something in your life that you have wanted to change or heal for years but haven’t been able to, this is your weekend to do it!

The dates are January 8-10th and the location is about 2 hours outside of Los Angeles. Go here to learn more about what the workshop includes, view additional videos I made for you, and check out the testimonials from women who have participated (you’ll notice they are absolutely radiant and glowing!).

Women come from all over the country ranging in age from twenty-something to sixty-plus. They arrive with unique stories but soon learn they are encountering similar issues and desire the same deep results.

I want you to have the kind of life-changing breakthroughs women like Katherine have had and be catapulted to a whole new level of self-acceptance, empowerment, and love.

Please email to learn more and save your spot.

I am looking forward to sharing this very special weekend with you.


p.s. If you have not experienced my coaching and teaching yet, I encourage you to download a few episodes of my podcast where I coach people live on the show. This is a great way to see if my work resonates with you. And those of who have known me a while, enjoy the new episode up this week about getting over regret.  Go to or search “Over It and On With It” on your podcast app.

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