This call is about how to move feelings, especially if those feelings get stuck as energy in your body. Today’s caller, Luanna, is having difficulty expressing her feelings and vulnerability. This episode demonstrates what it looks like when you actualize recommendations or therapies perfectly but the tension and tightness in your body don’t shift.

We all give our parents too much power. We make what they said and what they did matter way too much. Remember, our parents are humans, and more importantly, they are wounded inner children who probably didn’t get the parenting they needed. So, if you’re holding on to something your parents did, said, or just their voices in your head, I encourage you to get it out and find your own inner parent.

Anger is not useful when it is in our heads because there is no release for it. If it is hard for you to get angry and use or write angry words, you may be resistant to doing it because you feel like you are betraying the person. If this feels true for you, start by moving energy through sound, movement, and breathwork.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you ever feel like your feelings get stuck or maybe you do, with tension in your belly, tightness in your chest, and no matter what you do just can’t seem to move it?
  • Did you grow up thinking or being told that vulnerability was weak, that you had to be strong and you felt like your emotions couldn’t be expressed?
  • Do you get in your head a lot? Can you psychoanalyze yourself but when it comes to feeling your feelings you get a little lost?
  • Are you someone that can endure a lot but when it comes to letting it go, it isn’t easy?


Luanna’s Question:

Luanna struggles to express her vulnerability. She would like guidance on how to release her emotions and live free of her mother’s control.


Luanna’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She feels her energy is stuck in her belly.
  • She is starting a business.
  • She hears her mother’s voice telling her she is not capable of attaining her dreams.
  • As a child, she wanted her mother to let her express her feelings.
  • She adopts her mother’s limiting beliefs as her own.
  • She isn’t going after what she wants because she doesn’t want to hurt her family.
  • It is hard for her to feel anger.


How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Give herself permission to be angry and feel her feelings.
  • Stop giving her mother power over her life.
  • Practice release writing, dancing, or physical exertion to release the energy.
  • Find a therapist who practices Somatic Therapy.
  • Make a guttural sound with deep breaths to release her anger and sadness.
  • Create a safe space for healing.



  • Empower yourself. Stop giving something your parents said or did more energy than it deserves.
  • If you have a hard time getting angry because it feels like a betrayal, use movement or sound or do letter writing instead.
  • If feelings feel stuck, try a somatic, body-based approach.



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