EP 317: Healing the Mother Wound with Abigail

This episode is about doing inner child work to heal the mother wound. Today’s caller, Abigail, feels she is struggling to connect with her feminine energy but we discover that she is being triggered by her circumstances and it is revealing a coping strategy she relied on in her childhood. We discuss ways she can make the most of this healing opportunity.

You can’t really tap into true masculine and feminine until you do inner child work. Because we can confuse being in our feminine or masculine energy with protective behaviors and coping strategies. It is important for us to find our divine mother and father energy but healing our childhood wounds is the starting point.

When past trauma in her child wounding is triggered, it is an invitation for us to deal with it by speaking to our little one and giving them a voice. It makes it much easier to trust because our inner child isn’t tugging at us telling us they are not okay.

What keeps some people from doing inner child work is that they think they have to relive their trauma or relive memories of their childhoods. It is possible to heal your childhood and connect with your inner child even if you have no memories or traumatic memories.

When we are given pauses in life, or when we feel we are in limbo, they are opportunities for us to focus on our inner work.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you struggling with identifying what is masculine and feminine energy? Or, you are not sure how to be in your masculine or feminine?
  • Have you worked on the mother wound and know intuitively there is still more to do?
  • Do you identify with being a caretaker? Someone who takes care of other people’s needs as a way to try and get your own needs met?
  • As a child, were you more in the parent role than you were in the child role? Did a parent count on you for emotional support? Did they confide in you? Were you more of a friend to them and not allowed to truly be a kid?

Abigail’s Question:

Abigail struggles with staying in her feminine energy.

Abigail’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She has had a lot of uncertainty in her life.
  • She has difficulty adjusting and trusting changes.
  • She holds fear about changes in her life.
  • She frequently changes her residence.
  • She left her nursing career to be a doula.
  • Her parents dealt with uncertainty differently.
  • She didn’t have a good role model for embracing uncertainty.
  • She didn’t feel safe as a child.
  • Caretaking became a coping strategy for her.
  • She beats herself up emotionally.
  • She felt responsible for everyone else’s happiness.
  • She wants to be free to express her needs.
  • Her mom treated her like a friend and not a child.
  • She feels worthless if she isn’t caring for others.
  • Her partner feels safe to her.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Check-in with little Abigail to see how she is.
  • Accept and have compassion for herself.
  • Give her rage a voice and write an F-U letter to her mother.
  • This is a healing opportunity for her. She is exactly where she needs to be.
  • Join the Inner Child Workshop.
  • Check out the Mother Wound Coaches Corner and the work of Bethany Webster.


  • Use the pauses in your life to give your inner child a voice and to heal unhealed wounding.


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It is possible to confuse masculine-feminine energy for coping strategies or protective patterns. Click To Tweet Rage can feel scary and foreign but sometimes we need to use it to heal the mother wound. Click To Tweet When we are given pauses in life or when we feel we are in limbo, they are opportunities for us to focus on our inner work. Click To Tweet

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