EP 439: Stop Expecting a Relationship to Change and Make a Change with Em

This coaching call is about why we stay in relationships that are not for our highest good and how to have the courage to get out of them. Today’s caller, Em, has been married for four years. Both she and her partner have faltered in their commitments during that time. She asks Christine for guidance on whether or not to stay in the relationship.

As adults, we are attracted to different versions of our parents because the inner child is always seeking out resolution from our childhood wounding. Until we work on understanding where our subconscious programming comes from and why we choose what we choose, we continue the patterning until we can heal our inner child and give ourselves what we didn’t get in childhood.

When we eventually get to forgiveness, we are able to stop harboring guilt and shame. So when we do make mistakes, we can make clear agreements with ourselves to move forward in making better decisions for ourselves from a healed place.

And, when it comes to leaving any relationship, there is going to be a mixture of grief and relief. It’s totally natural. Grief passes when we are making decisions based on our highest good.

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Em’s Question:

Em is having issues in her relationship and would like to regain the stability to feel love again.

Em’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She has been married for four years.
  • Her relationship has lost its spark and intimacy.
  • She is lonely.
  • There is infidelity on both sides of the relationship.
  • She is self-sabotaging.
  • She is out of alignment with her values.
  • She wants stability in her relationship.
  • Her father cheated on her mother.
  • She is attracted to partners that remind her of her father.
  • Her mother was controlling and critical during her childhood.
  • Her partner is not willing to make changes.
  • Making clear decisions can be difficult for her.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Decide how much longer she is going to fight for her father’s love.
  • Trust herself and choose herself.
  • Be clear with her wife about where she is and what she needs to see if she is willing to show up for her.


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We are attracted to different versions of our parents because the inner child is always seeking out a resolution to our childhood wounding. Click To Tweet One of the ways we avoid being intimate and vulnerable with a person is to create secret parts of us where we get ego praise. It comes from our deep insecurity and fear of intimacy. Click To Tweet Our spiritual awareness is a part of our growing more conscious. Click To Tweet

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