EP 443: The Reason Why You May Not Be Having Success Pursuing Your Goals with Hannah Jade

This coaching call is overcoming the blocks that keep us from achieving goals. Today’s caller, Hannah Jade, feels her past decisions are holding her back from achieving her financial goals. She would like to understand the root cause of her block and how she can pursue her goals without conditions.

Ideally, there should be consistency in a child’s life so they can focus on learning who they are, independent of their parents, and learn to take the initiative to have a sense of power and purpose in the world.

Our childhood doesn’t have to define us or limit us. When we find the root cause and help our inner child get what they didn’t get, have the developmental leap that they didn’t have at that time, then it’s like our past doesn’t have to keep presenting itself in our present.

There is so much other work we can do around mind shifts and beliefs, and the work is powerful. When we combine it with inner child work and understanding what happens to us developmentally and what needs we needed to be met at certain times in our lives, it can help us make profound shifts faster.

Combining inner child work with mindset work is a great recipe for experiencing transformation in our lives.

Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you ever find that you can’t seem to make your dreams happen?
  • Do you feel ashamed when it comes to buying a house, getting married, or other milestone goals?
  • Do you have debt you are ashamed of?
  • Did you have some hard times in your childhood that may be impacting your life now?

Hannah Jade’s Question:

Hannah Jade feels her financial goals aren’t attainable. She asks for guidance on how to make her goals feel possible.

Hannah Jade’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She feels her past choices are holding her back.
  • She is loving herself through her experiences.
  • She experienced a lot of changes during her childhood.
  • She didn’t have heavy trauma but she had many inconsistencies.
  • She shied away from things she wanted to explore.
  • She feels safe with people who are grounded.
  • She has initiative but doubts her abilities.
  • She has a strong connection with her inner child.
  • She feels buying a home will fill her up with happiness.
  • She feels she has stagnant or sluggish energy at times.
  • She may have gone into debt to feel more connected.
  • She is an entrepreneur.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Ask little Hannah Jade what she needs to be comfortable with taking initiatives.
  • Create a bedtime routine for herself to support her inner child.
  • Prioritize connections and intentions with herself.
  • Treat herself and her debt with tenderness.


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