Is there a cure for fear?

We all know that fear, anxiety, and worry limit our potential, harm our relationships, affect our ability to thrive financially, and hold us back from fulfilling our life purpose.

Yet sometimes they get the best of us. It can be challenging to pull out of fear, anxiety or worry especially when they feel really real.

The last few days I was encountering a lot of unexpected anxiety about a choice I made. And the funny thing is that the choice is actually creating really exciting things in my life. So why was I so concerned?
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Ready to make your dreams a reality?

First a note to my dear community: My regular blog/vlog style will be back next week. I just wanted to make sure you knew about my free B-School bonuses to help you build your business. Please read on if you are a current or aspiring entrepreneur or forward to someone you know who is.

So . . .

If you are ready to make your dreams a reality, I have great news for you. B-School registration opens today! B-School is an online business school for modern entrepreneurs. This curriculum based training program teaches smart, effective, and classy online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence.

If you…

•    Desire to start a thriving business that you love and gives you freedom
•    Are ready to take your business to the next level
•    Are craving expert guidance and a step-by-step plan

…then B-School is for you!
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Just Ask

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

You’ve heard this, yet do you find that sometimes you do not ask?

Like times when you feel like it would be needy or greedy. Or times when you do not want to put the other person out or feel uncomfortable. Or times you don’t want to “make a scene” like the last time you just settled for your order being wrong at a restaurant rather than asking it to be corrected.

And then there are those times when we really desire something but the fear of “no” stops us from asking. Imagining the possible pain of perceived rejection becomes a roadblock to making requests.

Oh and of course there are the times when we do not want to look stupid so we pretend to understand something rather than asking for clarity.

I get asking can feel scary or uncomfortable, but if you do not ask you will never get a “YES!” @christinhassler (Tweet this!) You will miss out on cool perks and opportunities to learn something. I share stories about some recent asks I have made and offer you tips for doing the same in today’s vlog.

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A confession about my business

Today’s update is for those of you who either have or desire to have your own business.  If that is you, keep reading.  If that is NOT YOU, please consider forwarding this information to an aspiring heart-centered entrepreneur.

One thing I have not talked much about publicly are some of the mistakes I made early in my business that cost me time and money. But perhaps the most painful cost was that for years I felt like I was not making the impact I wanted to make. There were so many people I wanted to serve; yet I did not know how to reach them. I also was working a LOT of hours and had no clue how to use the internet to grow my business.

For years I felt like I was throwing noodles against the wall to see what stuck.  I felt overwhelmed with all the business building information out there. I spent thousands on website designers only to end up with a “pretty” website that really no one was coming to.   I did not know how to take my message to the next level and, quite frankly, was intimidated by marketing.  And I definitely did not know how to make money online.

Can you relate to any of this?
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