What’s wrong with you?

“ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!” is the answer to that question.

I unequivocally assure you that there is nothing wrong with you.

Even if you feel stuck. Even if you cannot figure out what you want to do with your life or hate your job. Even if you snapped at your spouse or child this morning. Even if you are ten pounds heavier than you want. Even if you are single and long for a partner. Even if you had a terrible childhood. Even if you have debt. Even if you have been labeled with a diagnosis.

There is not a single reason in the entire Universe that anything could possibly be wrong with you so please STOP LOOKING FOR ONE!

I received the call to remind you of this from Robert Holden who was the graduation commencement speaker for the University of Santa Monica (where I got my MA in Spiritual Psychology in 2008 and currently serve as faculty). His message to the audience was to change our minds about ourselves rather than continuing to attempt to change ourselves.

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This is as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!

I recently learned from my girlfriend Shasta Nelson that feeling disconnected is as damaging to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes and day, is twice as harmful as being obese, and is as destructive on our bodies as being lifelong alcoholics. OMG!

As someone who has had challenges making friends and feeling a sense of belonging in the past, these statistics really got my attention. Today my life is full of incredible friendships that are absolutely a lifeline for me, especially during moments when I have felt alone.

Much like hunger tells us when we need food and exhaustion tells us when we need sleep, loneliness tells us when we long for more connection.

In response to my blog last week about feeling alone many of you have asked:

  • How do I make new friends?
  • How do I foster deeper intimacy and trust in the friendships I have now?
  • How do I let go of friendships that I know are no longer aligned?

To answer these questions, I called up my gal Shasta who is the best expert when it comes to making and maintaining healthy and enriching friendships.  In our talk, she gave incredible insight and advice regarding how to heal loneliness and build awesome friendships that I highly encourage you to listen to. Go here to download our 20-minute conversation (and hear me cry at the end when I talk about my soul sisters).

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You are not alone

Hearing about the death of Robin Williams was shocking. Many people, including myself, have been deeply moved by the fact that he took his own life. How could someone who brought so much laughter to the world be in so much pain?

It’s natural to ask this, but it is not honoring to ponder about the circumstances of his personal life.  Instead we can send Light and Love.  Close your eyes, feel the Loving energy that radiates from your heart and energetically send it to the beloved Robin Williams and his family for the Highest Good. We also honor our own feelings and look at what we can learn.

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Got someone under your skin?

People upset us. We get hurt. We get pissed off. We feel betrayed or rejected.  These things are part of the human experience.

But allowing any kind of upset to continue to live inside of us does not have to be part of our experience.  People do what they do but we are responsible for how we are affected by their behavior.

Today in the vlog  I take you through a powerful mental cleansing process that comes from an ancient Hawaiian tradition called Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono).

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