How to find balance

Monday was the equinox and even if you did not know that, you probably felt it – I know I did! This particular equinox and new moon combo stirred a lot of us up. So for those of you who felt (or are feeling) triggered, going through a breakup or breakdown, or just feel off…you are right in the flow of the natural rhythms. I know it may not be exactly pleasant, but it’s a great time to leverage the cosmic energy.

What an equinox actually means is that the day and night are equal. It’s a time where we are learning about creating balance within ourselves.

So what does balance even mean and how do we find it? This is the question I explore in today’s vlog (and get a sneak peek at what I was up to creating this week).

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This sucked and it was perfect

Last week I had a whopper of an expectation hangover. After celebrating my birthday and feeling so excited about the year ahead, I found out that the printing of my book could be delayed by at least a week.

This would not be a big deal if I didn’t have an entire launch plan, book event tour and media appearances scheduled around the release date of October 7th. Changing it all would cost me thousands of dollars not to mention a ton of my valuable time and energy.

Has life thrown a curveball at you that totally took the wind out of your sails?

Yes? Well then you know how disorienting it can be!

This unexpected curveball is a bit ironic given the subject of my book is all about overcoming disappointment. I decided it was an opportunity to practice what I preach and take myself through the book’s treatment to get to the other side of my own expectation hangover. I share more about my own journey in today’s vlog.

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How to love your life even if it’s not turning out like you planned

Tuesday was my birthday and I almost forgot to celebrate because I’ve been so focused on bringing Expectation Hangover into the world. Fortunately my very wise girlfriends insisted I take a day off. Before shifting into celebration mode, I set aside some quiet time to reflect on my life. Since expectations have been top of mind lately, the thing that struck me the most is that my life looks NOTHING like I expected.

In fact if you had asked me ten years ago where I thought I’d be at this point in my life, I would have said something completely different. I share more about this in today’s vlog.

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It’s my birthday and I have something for you!

One of my favorite birthday traditions each year is offering you something as y’all are such a huge gift in my life!

This year I put together a brand NEW ebook: 32 Days of UPleveling your Mind and UPlifting your Heart: Extraordinary Life Lessons From Ordinary Situations (Volume Two). This is an updated collection of my favorite insights. Download to your kindle or ipad for a daily dose of inspiration.

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