How to feel safe even when you are scared

Life comes with some scary moments. Sometimes we create fear with our thoughts and can move out of feeling scared when we change how and what we are thinking. Other time things happen that are just downright scary. How do we feel safe then?

This is a question I have been answering inside myself after I had a big scare last week. As I was getting ready for bed, I heard a helicopter hovering above my house. At first it didn’t grab my attention since l live in LA and it is not a strange sound to hear. However it kept hovering, which was strange at 9:30pm. And then I saw a police spotlight right outside my window. That got my attention so I went to my front window and saw two cop cars in my driveway, three across the street and about 12 policeman. Something was definitely wrong. I share the full story in today’s vlog.

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Why some friendships end and how to make new ones

Like all relationships some friendships come with expiration dates. As we evolve, the people that surround us also change. Although this makes logical sense, growing apart from friends or ending a friendship that drains you isn’t easy on the emotional level. It can be confusing and often lonely.

I had several questions about how to handle challenging and changing friendships lately that I answer today’s vlog.

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Are you too nice?

Are you too nice? That may seem like a strange question because most of us would think that being nice is a wonderful way to be. But sometimes we are too nice. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for love, kindness and generosity. Yet I’ve noticed that although niceness is very p.c., it isn’t always authentic.

We are often too nice when we want someone’s approval or acceptance. Or we long for someone to like us and think we are a “good person.” Or when we are in the presence of someone who intimidates us or is in authority position. Or when we just want to avoid confrontation. I’ve seen myself do this in romantic relationships, friendships and even business negotiations. The result? Externally I upheld the image of being a nice person yet internally I felt unfulfilled and like I settled for less that I deserved. I share more in today’s vlog.

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This is no bueno!

Warning: You may be doing something that is really bad for you so my message today is muy importante! (I’m in Costa Rica leading my annual retreat here so I’m practicing mi Español!!)

My warning has to do with how you treat yourself. It is probably not news to you that most of us are extremely hard on ourselves. You know that being critical of yourself is not an act of love – so why do you still do it?

This is the question I answer in today’s vlog, as well as offer you a fast-acting tool to stop it.

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