My heart is bursting open and I want to tell you why

I do not have children of my own (yet) but this week I feel like a proud parent! You see this past weekend I got to witness 12 extraordinary people embody their unique mission and create kickass results!!!

Who are these people? They are the courageous souls who said YES to their unique purpose by enrolling in Secret Sauce, my six-month business training and mastermind program.

We are only 3 months through our half-year journey and the internal and external shifts people have created are seriously blowing my mind.

Rather than read my words about the program, I wanted you to hear directly from the people who are actually experiencing Secret Sauce and give you the opportunity to apply now for 2017. Imagine that next year at this time, it is your quote about your success that I’m sharing!

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How to party and save money

“I can’t afford it. I’m on a budget.  I have debt.  I am not good with money. I am struggling with my finances.”

Are these things you often say or think?

So often I see people who report they are struggling with money continue to affirm things that do not create the prosperity they long for.

It is imperative when you are working to increase both your wealth consciousness and actual numbers in your bank account to do things that create positive, proactive feelings around your finances. In today’s vlog I have a unique suggestion for you that accomplishes two things:

  1. Puts you in the creative vibration of prosperity
  2. Puts you in action that will help you shift blocks with money

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How to have a healthy body image

Do you have a healthy body image?  Do you criticize the way you look? Are you preoccupied by attempts to change your body? Have you ever struggled with an eating disorder?

These are heavy questions but they need to be addressed because the amount of people, especially women, who experience a tremendous amount of pain around their physical appearance is astounding – and deeply touches my heart.

The media and society at large do not make having a healthy body image easy, but going on a rant about this does not get us anywhere or help anyone heal.

What I’d rather do is shift the conversation, which is what this week’s podcast episode is all about.  Go here to listen.

Imagine this  . . .

What if we took all the mental energy people spend on thinking about, obsessing over and criticizing their bodies, and shifted it into thinking about how we could serve the world, change the world and solve big problems?!?! Imagine how different the world would be.

Please join me by tuning in as I share my own journey overcoming body image challenges and coach Anne on healing her bulimia with love.

ep 31 v3


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Are you relaxing in a way that actually recharges you?

When is the last time you felt truly, deeply relaxed? So much so that you were actually energized? If you honestly can’t remember or if it was during your last vacation, then you are definitely overdue for some downtime.

But here is the thing – we need downtime every day and it needs to be quality. Too many of us bounce between being overly busy and then collapsing into exhaustion which never truly puts us in a state of relaxation. In today’s vlog I share how what you may be calling your downtime could be laziness (and there’s actually something ironically funny in the shot today that I did not notice until after I taped this – if you spot it, be sure to comment on the blog!).

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