A 5 minute daily practice that’s a game changer!

In last week’s vlog/blog I answered the question, “Is it possible to be happy all the time?” The answer was not really and you can read why here.

Although it may not be realistic to be in a certain state all the time because we are human, we must be aware when our negative states become comfort zones.

You see as much as we want to experience happiness, gratitude, abundance, and positivity, sometimes we hover in our more negative patterns because they are familiar. Comfort zones are only comfortable because they are familiar, not because they actually reflect where we want to be. (Tweet this!)

In today’s vlog I share a very simple yet transformational daily practice you can start today to shift your energy.

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Is being happy all the time possible?

Do you find that you have taken on the expectation that if you are doing this personal growth work “right” you are supposed to be happy all the time? Sure, eternal happiness sounds awesome, yet this expectation that we “should” be able to be in a positive place all the time can be the very thing that eludes us from actually experiencing it.

How? Well, when we pressure or force ourselves to be a certain way, which involves avoiding the reality of our current feelings, we engage in what is called “spiritual bypass.” Spiritual bypass is a process of attempting to high-vibe yourself out of what you perceive as a negative feeling instead of allowing yourself to feel it and heal it.

Don’t get me wrong – joy, love and peace are our essence, but if you haven’t noticed we are all still human and have moments of where that is not exactly our experience. In today’s vlog I encourage you to accept the contrast of your human experience and offer tips for how to move through those not-so-happy moments.

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I’m finally answering the question I’ve been asked for years

For years people have been asking me how I found my purpose and built a business around it. I don’t feel like I “found” or “built” anything, instead I created it. And you can too.

After a decade of living a prosperous life that feels totally aligned with who I am, it is time for me to share my best practices. I am called to help you step into your purpose, do the things you are passionate about and answer the call you feel to make a meaningful impact on the world by finding your SECRET SAUCE.

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Gorge on Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am super duper grateful to have a space in your inbox and be able to connect with you weekly.

Today is a day to fill up on all kinds of delicious things like time with loved ones, scrumptious pumpkin pie, and of course….gratitude.

If you consume lots of gratitude in your life, you will be too full for disappointment. Being grateful for the pleasant blessings in life is easy, but can you extend appreciation to things that may not be so pleasant, such as your Expectation Hangovers? We become spiritual warriors when we are truly grateful for the circumstances, situations, and people that are challenging. Can you be excited the next time disappointment comes your way and actually grateful for the breakthrough and transformation that await you?

Every night before I go to bed, I write a list of things that happened that day and that I am particularly grateful for. Things like a great parking spot, magical moments of serendipity, a fabulous meal, or a laugh with a friend. I also document disappointments, from mini to major, and express my appreciation for growth opportunities. Even if I don’t necessarily like what happened, I have gratitude for my ability to choose how to respond to it.

I encourage you to be grateful for all the times you did not get what you wanted or what you expected. Trust me, if things were supposed to go differently, they would have.

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