What I learned from a spiritual teacher

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend time with an incredible spiritual teacher named Arkan on sacred land in New Mexico. He does not have a personal website or social media platform. He does have a profound connection to Spirit and Mother Earth that makes him one of the most impactful teachers I have been blessed to be with.

His present, loving, grounded, joyful, and patient way of being impacted me more than any specific concept he taught. However, there was one thing in particular he said that resonated deeply with me. I share about it along with other experiences from my time on the sacred land in today’s vlog

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Are you working on yourself to get something?

At my book workshops I have been hearing a lot of people sharing about personal growth expectation hangovers.  I have observed confusion and frustration as people make comments like:

“I’m doing all this work on myself, but the things in my life that I want are not happening. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.”

 “I am really trying to love myself but I am still single. Since I do not have my soulmate, I must still not love myself.”

 “I feel like I’ve been doing this work forever and things in my life still aren’t changing. I am tempted to give up because it doesn’t seem to be working.”

Can you relate to any of this?  Are you having a personal growth expectation hangover?  Well I hope to offer you a little relief in the form of a big wake-up call in today’s vlog.

Today is the day! Expectation Hangover is out!

I am writing this email with tears of gratitude in my eyes. Today Expectation Hangover is officially released and I am beyond excited to share it with you. This book is so heartfelt for me because it is inspired by my own journey as well as having the privilege to support so many others through theirs.

What I have learned is that although it is not desirable, disappointment opens up a powerful door for positive change, healing and tremendous spiritual growth . . . if we are willing to walk through it.

Expectation Hangover is a guidebook for how to walk through the challenges and curveballs that are part of our human curriculum with grace. You will learn:

  • Why expectation hangovers happen
  • The copies strategies that don’t work and the quick-fixes that do when treating disappointment
  • How to process, not just plow through, disappointment on the emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual levels
  • The “secret sauce” to pursuing goals without setting yourself up for an expectation hangover
  • Guided meditations and visualizations that you can also download in audio form for free

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Are you addicted to thinking?

Ever feel like your mind just will not shut off?

Most of us are addicted to thinking. Our addiction tends to intensify when our mind perceives there is a problem to be solved. We want answers. We want resolution. We want to figure it out. Because we believe once we do, that everything will be better.

As much as I practice meditation and do many things to quiet my mind, there are times when my thoughts feel like the energizer bunny – they keep going and going and going.

Like last weekend….

I just returned from spending three days totally off the grid at a spiritual retreat in New Mexico and was looking forward to spending some quality not-doing time. But the morning I was leaving, just a few short hours before I turned my phone off, I got thrown a curveball that sent me reeling. I share about it in today’s vlog and also guide you through a peace of mind meditation.

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