How to Cure an Expectation Hangover

“Some of us get wake up calls in a graceful way and some of us need a massive 2×4 to hit us on the head.”- Christine Hassler

This week I had the honor of being interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts, The Art of Charm, about how to cure Expectation Hangovers. Go here to listen to the episode.

I loved this interview because Jordan and I really dig into what exactly Expectation Hangovers are and why they happen. He even has me explain what “energy” is and doesn’t let me get away with “woo-woo” talk.

Some of the things we discuss:

• What is the original definition of passion?
• What exactly is an expectation hangover?
• Our unconscious mind runs 90-95% of our programming: true or false?
• If we change this one thing then we change our results. What is it?
• The when/then syndrome creates a lot of suffering, how do we get relief?
• Is everything energy?
• And so much more…

Again go HERE to download my episode.

I highly recommend subscribing to the Art of Charm podcast to learn from so many great guests.

To your success, happiness and peace.

And as Jordan says, “Stay Charming.”


How are your new year intentions going?

Over the past week I’ve heard from many of you regarding the 2015 intentions you set during the New Year ritual I offered you.  Some of you are celebrating the process you are making, while others have confessed that you have already gotten off track.

If you also find that your intentions or resolutions for 2015 are already slipping through your fingers a bit, do not give up!! And please do not beat yourself up!!

Today I have a simple and effective way for you to get back on track.

Before you watch today’s vlog, I have to tell you a little back-story. Right now I’m in Tulum facilitating my “New Year, New You” retreat but of course I still wanted to connect with you.  Jill and I thought it would be fun to tape the vlog during our excursions to the top of the Mayan ruins.  We did not exactly have the privacy we hoped for and had to retake several time.  Finally I realized that I value authenticity, not perfection and we just rolled with what has happening.  I hope you get both value and a good laugh today’s vlog  as we sure did. :)

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What’s is your purpose?

Ever wonder what your purpose is or how to live it more fully?

The first step to discovering and living into our true purpose is to understand that the truest, and really the only, purpose of life is to grow and become more aware of the Love we are.

But for most of us, that understanding is not fulfilling enough.  We yearn to share and express that Love in some kind of way. We feel called to make a meaningful impact in the world.  We long to do work we love.

So how do we leverage that yearning and feel like we are living a purposeful life? The answer resides in identifying, owning and stepping into our uniqueness while knowing ourselves as Love, which I explain in more detail in today’s vlog.

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My Body Love and Weight Loss Tips

A new year is a time where a lot of us are setting intentions around taking better care of ourselves physically.  I am sure it will not come as a surprise that one of the top resolutions people make each year has to do with losing weight.

If this is one of your intentions, do you ever wonder why perhaps year after year you begin with enthusiasm and commitment, yet somewhere along the way you get of course? You do not see the results you want and give up. You hate feeling restricted. Life gets busy and it’s just easy to eat on the run and stop working out.

So what is the key to losing weight?

Well the first thing is to stop saying you want to “lose” it because you don’t want to find it later, do you? Instead, set the intention to release weight in service to your overall wellbeing.  I expand on this and offer you additional tips in today’s vlog as well as guide you through a body love meditation.

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