Being single is not a disorder!

I have been hearing a lot of people complaining about being single lately and approaching their relationship status as some kind of disorder that needs to be treated. I observe so many single people, especially the ladies out there, consistently working on themselves to find their “soulmate.”

In today’s vlog I encourage you to be grateful for whatever your relationship status is – single, dating, divorced, engaged, married or it’s complicated – and embrace it because there is tremendous growth, love and even FUN that comes with each one. I also share some of the perks I have found from being single.

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Wisdom from a 93 and 88 year old

This week I was blessed to attend two talks that deeply touched my heart – one was from William, 88 years old and a successful entrepreneur, business consultant, and philanthropist. The other was from Deborah, 93 year-old and founder of two of the top spas in the world, author and prominent activist.

After both their talks people were saying things like, “Wow, I can’t believe they are that age!” This actually made me a bit sad that living so well later in life is a surprise rather than the norm. Thank God for people like William and Deborah who are showing us that aging is an asset not a liability – as long as we make choices today that set us up for vitality in the future.

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Is it better to use your head or heart when faced with a decision?

Decisions . . . they can be liberating or paralyzing.

They are liberating if we relish in the freedom we have when it comes to choosing everything from our outfit to our job to our thoughts.

But they are paralyzing if we hang out in limbo waaaaaaay to long going back and forth between options. Our head may be telling us one thing while our heart is nudging us toward another.

When it comes to making a choice, is better to listen to our head or our heart? In today’s vlog I share about a recent decision I was in limbo about for weeks because my head and heart were not in agreement.

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How to get over a Break-up

A Breakup. There is not much that feels worse than heartache from ending a relationship. This week I’ve heard from a lot of people who are going through a breakup – either a romantic one or a friendship – so I wanted to share ways to expedite your healing process and avoid unnecessary struggle (and if you aren’t going through one, please pass this along to someone it may serve).

If your heart is hurting, you have my compassion. You also have my reassurance that you won’t feel this way forever and you will be okay. On the other side of a breakup is a breakthrough. But in order to get to the breakthrough full of all the yummy lessons this relationship served up, you have to get through the yucky part of the initial separation.

What adds to the challenge of any breakup is we come up against our expectation that it was supposed to last forever, but not all relationships are supposed to last forever. Some come with what I call an “expiration date.” The purpose of relationship from a spiritual perspective is to serve as a mirror, to give us the opportunity to see and heal our issues, learn major life lessons, grow our consciousness and open ourselves up to love even more. And sometimes a relationship has to end for us to learn the lessons that are most valuable.

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