My divine appointment with the guy who rear-ended me

This week as I was pulling into the gym parking lot I got rear-ended.  Fortunately not badly enough to hurt me, hard enough to get my attention.  As I got out of my car to check the damage, there was a moment of annoyance as I looked at the damage to my bumper and knew I was going to miss my “shockwave” class.

But that annoyance faded away as soon as I saw the face of the young man who hit me . . . the guilt and fear in his eyes was unmistakable.  I could sense he was beating himself up in a major way especially after he saw my car.

He asked if I was okay and apologized. I reassured him that I was fine, that accidents happen and this is why we have insurance.  I was flooded with compassion as I witnessed Andrew battling his own inner judge.  It felt like I had a divine appointment with this him to remind him of something very important, which is the same thing I am reminding you of in today’s vlog.

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No more somedays

Our mind really loves to time travel. As valuable as the present moment is, we often leave it behind and drift away to “someday . . .” thinking.

Now I am all for envisioning a desirable future. I love dreaming up all the amazing things I will co-create and the experiences I will have – it is super fun and a much better use of the imagination than worry (read more about worry here.)

However someday thinking can get us into trouble. I outline the ways it may be hindering you in today’s vlog.

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I felt guilty about this . . .

I have a confession. For the past three weeks I really have not worked that much. After working passionately with my team to release the Secret Sauce video training I did not have a lot of urgent to-do’s and I found myself wanting to do a lot of NOTHING.

I was not writing. I was not really on social media. I was not thinking about strategy or marketing. I was not working on enrolling a retreat or workshop. I wasn’t even working out that much. And I felt guilty about. Like I “should” be doing more. My head was judging me as a big time slacker until something shifted which I share about in today’s vlog.

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Ambition vs. Inspiration: Which will you choose?

I’ve been thinking a lot about ambition lately. Focus, drive, and perseverance are all admirable qualities. But they also require a lot of energy and hard work.

What if it could be a lot easier?

What if you could pull opportunities toward you – attract them in – instead of always push, push, pushing to get the results you want?

Well, good news… you can. The first step to shifting away from ambition alone and relying more on inspiration to create what you want is clarifying your purpose.

Some people call it your why. I like to call it your ‘for the sake of’.

In this free Secret Sauce video, I’ll walk you through how you can clarify your personal ‘for the sake of’ and tap into profound inspiration to step into your most purposeful work.

This video is part of my special Secret Sauce training series, and it’s my gift to you.

Enjoy!Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.05.03 PM