Shame OFF You

This week we are discussing an incredibly important, yet often difficult, topic: shame.

Shame is toxic because it leads to keeping things hidden and tainted by judgment. To heal shame, we also must bring what we judge as dark, dirty or wrong into the light.

Bringing the dark into the light is exactly what happened on this week’s episode of Over It and On With It. Listen in as I coach Sarah on healing the shame that has held her back. Specifically we talk about living (and dating) with an STD, but this podcast is really about liberating yourself from the secrets and judgments that go along with shame.

Shame often stands as the guard at the gate to vulnerability. The incredibly painful feeling of shame is based on a misunderstanding of a perceived flaw that we believe must stay hidden. The way to get through shame is by stepping into vulnerability and revealing what we are terrified of being “found out” for. We all want to know that we are loved “even if” we have these dark, scary, shameful feelings and thoughts.

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Getting over self-consciousness

Ever feel a bit awkward or nervous? Maybe it’s around someone you are crushing on, or when you are around your boss, or when you have to speak in front of a group, or even when you are attempting to be “cool” with your teenage kids.

Feeling self-conscious is painful! And not just because of sweaty palms, knots in our stomach and judging the things we say or do as totally lame. What’s even more painful is that we are not showing up fully as ourselves.

Whenever we are overly attached to hoping someone else likes us, we do the exact opposite of what we need to do in that moment.  We judge ourselves rather than accept ourselves.  Then we show up in ways that are not authentic – and that is just downright uncomfortable.

Tune in as I coach Kristen on how to overcome self-consciousness and show up more authentically in all her relationships in Episode 37 of Over It and On With It.

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One thing you *always* need to have and be

No matter how old you are,

Or where you are in your career,

Or what stage of life you are in,

There is something you always need to have and be!

What is that something? A mentor.

I recently got back from spending time with my speaking mentor and am lit up about how valuable this relationship is. In today’s vlog, I share tips on finding a mentor, cultivating a relationship with that person, and becoming a mentor to others (and I know I needed a fashion mentor in this video as my dress seriously clashes with the background, ha!)..

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