How to call in what you want

Wouldn’t you love to bring in more of what you want in your life without working so hard at it?

If the answer is yes, then I think you will really love the practice I have for you today that is one of the biggest secrets to my success. In the vlog I share stories about how this practice has led to the manifestation of few of the things that have been integral to the growth of my business.

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How I ended up in a wheelchair last week

If you have been part of my community for a while, you know that I see and use everything in my life as a learning opportunity. Last week class was definitely in session for me!!!

In this week’s vlog, you’ll notice my energy level is actually quite low because I was still really feeling the impact of a concussion. Watch to get the full story of how it happened. First let me just say I am okay. Actually I am better than okay and today’s blog/vlog is actually part one of a two-part story so make sure to tune in next week.

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Ever struggle with making decisions?

Decisions. Ever find that they are hard to make?

Whether it’s a small one like which outfit to where or a big one like leaving your job or a relationship . . . often the process of choosing creates anxiety.

We worry about making the “wrong” choice and possibly miss out on something or face regret later. We make pro/con lists. We talk to a million people and get a collection of advice that just usually confuses us more. We google for hours in the search of some clarifying insight. Some of us even run to psychics and astrologers hoping they will have a crystal ball to see which choice will create our best future.

The longer a decision-making process lasts, the more agonizing it becomes. The more time we take to mull over a choice, the longer we stay in limbo. And limbo is hell. In this week’s vlog, I have some tips for you to get you out of a limbo and make a choice.

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