How to deal with curveballs

If you haven’t noticed, we do not have 100% control over everything that happens in life. In many ways, this is awesome! Think about all the unexpected surprises or turning points that you did not see coming that have grown you or led to something even better than you planned.

Yet in other ways, not having 100% control can feel not-so-awesome . . . especially when life throws us a curveball resulting in an expectation hangover.

What is awesome is that we do have control over how we respond to not-so-awesome situations. In this week’s vlog I share a recent story about a curveball involving a stolen laptop and the beautiful lessons that were learned.

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Why you haven’t found the “one”

Let’s talk about finding the “one” – you know that magical person that is your soul mate. Your other half.  The one who completes you.  The one that you will run in slow motion through a field of sunflowers to and when you kiss fireworks will go off!

Okay so you probably detect a bit of sarcasm. And the sarcasm isn’t there because I am jaded or don’t believe in love. I LOVE romance and love.

What I don’t love is the some of the misunderstandings around soul mates and the pain many of us endure when it comes to romantic relationships.

Why are romantic relationships – everything from the pursuit of them to being in them to break-ups – so painful sometimes?

These are the questions I answer in this week’s podcast episode with Michael as well as share one of my personal experiences with seeking “the one”.

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How to set (and keep!) healthy boundaries

Research has proven that people who feel connected to others live longer, healthier lives. Creating and maintaining healthy relationships is essential to our well-being, yet not always easy . . .

Sometimes we have to set boundaries with people, which can be hard to do (especially if you relate to being a people-pleaser).

What exactly are healthy boundaries? When do we set them? And how do we do it in a way that is loving?

These are the questions I explore in today’s vlog. I also reveal the #1 reason why so many of us know we should set a boundary with someone but do not follow through with it.

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Shame OFF You

This week we are discussing an incredibly important, yet often difficult, topic: shame.

Shame is toxic because it leads to keeping things hidden and tainted by judgment. To heal shame, we also must bring what we judge as dark, dirty or wrong into the light.

Bringing the dark into the light is exactly what happened on this week’s episode of Over It and On With It. Listen in as I coach Sarah on healing the shame that has held her back. Specifically we talk about living (and dating) with an STD, but this podcast is really about liberating yourself from the secrets and judgments that go along with shame.

Shame often stands as the guard at the gate to vulnerability. The incredibly painful feeling of shame is based on a misunderstanding of a perceived flaw that we believe must stay hidden. The way to get through shame is by stepping into vulnerability and revealing what we are terrified of being “found out” for. We all want to know that we are loved “even if” we have these dark, scary, shameful feelings and thoughts.

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