There’s something special about you…

I want to tell you how incredible you are. You have a very special secret sauce that is unique to you. And when you tap into it, you’ll truly live into your pure potential.

I want to help you do that.

So, I created FREE special training videos designed to help you clarify your secret sauce and use it to overcome whatever fears might be preventing you from living into your greatness.

This special training is for you if you’ve ever considered:

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Are you waiting for permission?

Hola! I recently got back from Colombia and since this was a spontaneous trip, I had every intention of working on the trip because I’ have got some cool things in the works! (Stay tuned for some big news in a few weeks!)

So, the commitment I made to give myself “permission” to go on the trip was that I’d work while I was there. But that didn’t exactly happen. I ran into Wi-Fi issues that made it impossible to download things I needed to work on. And then again due to technology issues I couldn’t get on a call with my entire team which frustrated all of us and slowed things down. Two days into the trip I quickly realized I had two choices: either continue to be frustrated and try to make things work OR move into acceptance.

I chose the latter by giving myself another permission slip to actually take some time off and just enjoy myself in Colombia. I have learned that the Universe has a flow to it and when I fight for my will over thy will, I usually lose.

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Why Frustration Is GOOD For You!

Often great lessons come from unexpected teachers…

Recently I was with my friend and her nine-month-old son. As she was feeding him dinner, I observed him become very frustrated as he was trying to communicate his needs. He knew what he wanted but does not yet have the verbal skills to ask for it. He also attempted to feed himself but did not yet have the motor skills to do so. The reality of his current conditions didn’t match his desires, which was incredibly frustrating for him.

We can all relate to that nine-month-old boy at times when we feel our reality does not match our dreams. Our vision of what we want is clear; however, life does not look like we want it to. We have powerful intentions, yet things have not yet manifested in physical form.

But just like we aren’t born walking and talking because there is a natural progression to our physical development, there is a natural progression to our personal growth.

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How to feel happier

During my workout today I was jamming out to my classic rock station on Pandora.  The song “Jet Airliner” came on and the lyric, “You know you got to go through hell before, you get to heaven” really struck me.

I have heard the song many times. I even went to a few Steve Miller Band concerts in high school….awe memories of hot Texas nights and drinking Southern Comfort…but I digress.

The reason the line struck me is because I know how true it is.  It is going through the most challenging of times that put feeling happy in perspective.  Often we need to journey through the dark to get to the light.

But feeling happy feels REALLY good so how do we feel it more often? Is it reasonable to expect to always feel happy? And do we have to go through hell to get to happy?

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