This is no bueno!

You may be doing something that is really bad for you so my message today is muy importante! (I’m headed to Costa Rica in two days so I’m practicing mi español!!) My warning has to do with how you treat yourself.  It is probably not news to you that most of us are extremely hard on ourselves. You are aware being critical of yourself is not an act of love – so why do you still do it?

This is the question I answer in today’s vlog, as well as offer you a fast-acting tool to stop it.

I was totally over it!!

Last week my personal tank was on empty. I had been over-giving, over-doing and was just over it! As a service-oriented entrepreneur, sometimes I do not even realize I’m “over-ing.”

I know many of you do and give A LOT. I acknowledge you for this.  And we are all human. There are times when we need a little hiatus from all the doing and giving, but do not take one because: we are scared if we do something will fall through the cracks or someone will be disappointed, are capable of pushing through it, are hesitant to ask for help, think we have to keep giving in order to receive, or some combination of the above.

So we keep pushing not even realizing that our tank is empty.  I share more about my personal experience with this in this week’s vlog

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Meditation 101

Hi everyone,

If you are anything like me, you have a bit of a “monkey-mind.” It is easily distracted and likes to take us into the past and future.  And who can blame us for these minds that rarely quit? We are over-stimulated a lot of the time.

But these monkey-minds are not good for us. They rob us of the present moment, disrupt our sleep, trigger unpleasant emotions, and tell us not-so-nice things.

How do we tame our thoughts so we can experience more peace?

For me the answer has been meditation. VERY reluctantly, I started my practice about ten years ago, and it quickly became essential to my overall well-being. A day without meditation for me simply does not go as smoothly.  It feels like leaving my house without brushing my teeth (ew!).

Now you may be thinking that you “can’t” meditate because each time you have tried your mind has wandered.  All the more reason to meditate!! It is a practice not a quick fix.  Whether you are finally ready to start a meditation practice or want to deepen your own, I have an awesome resource for you and that monkey-mind:



Ashley Turner, taking place APRIL 21 – 25, 2014.  You are invited to join me and 30+ other experts in meditation, neuroscience, psychology and spirituality teaching you HOW TO MEDITATE and WHY IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

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Do you have spiritual running buddies?

Almost ten years ago when I was sitting on the floor of the LA airport waiting for a flight, I got a phone call from a young woman named Gabrielle Bernstein. She had read my first book and was reaching out to me about a new online community she was starting called  Instantly we connected and became what Gabby calls “spiritual running buddies,” which happens to be tool #70 in her new book, Miracles Now, which includes 108 tools for less stress and more flow in your life.


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