Are you promoting or demoting yourself?

We are all equal. No one is better or worse than anyone else. No one is more or less worthy, lovable, or valuable.

But we often lose sight of this truth when we become identified with the roles we play in life and end up putting ourselves in “less than” or “better than” positions. Consequently, we internally and energetically promote or demote ourselves based on our perceived position in the relationship. And because of that, we either tolerate or engage in behavior that does not honor the equality of all human beings.

In today’s vlog which was inspired by a conversation I recently had with a friend who was struggling in a professional situation, I share about how to bring balance to all your relationships.

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The first step to getting over ANYTHING

The human experience is full of great stuff like creativity, miracles, connection with others, laughter and dark chocolate. And because we evolve through contrast, our experience also includes challenging situations and things we may not put in the “great stuff” category. I call them expectation hangovers.

But the good news about the not so great stuff is that we have what it takes to let go of anything and everything that happens. The suffering from our expectation hangovers does not have to be permanent.

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Today is a special day

11/11 sounds really cool, but is there any special meaning to this date? Yes! All these ones together symbolize the beginning of things, which means added energy is available to support new intentions, ideas, projects, and dreams.

On this magical day, I invite you to consider what you would like the next year of your life to look like.

What would you like to create? What do you desire? What are you seeking? What do you want in your life? What don’t you want in your life anymore?

I am certain you’ve taken steps toward new beginnings and your heartfelt dreams, but I also suspect that there are times when you feel stuck or even like you are back-tracking. Congratulations, you are human. We all hit roadblocks and have blind spots. We all limit ourselves, often times without even realizing it. If you are ready to truly step into the FULL potential of who you are, then I have a special invitation for you that I share about in today’s vlog.

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My high school reunion and a speeding ticket

I often hear from people that they feel they are getting “tested” by the Universe.  I don’t sense the Universe or God “tests” us but rather gives us opportunities to integrate our “aha” moments, see how far we’ve come, and apply what we’ve learned.

Awareness is only a percentage of transformation, so we need life experiences to get accurate feedback about how much we’ve truly changed. Potentially triggering situations must arise so we have the opportunity to walk our talk. 

Last week I was gifted with two opportunities to receive feedback and integrate my own transformation in the form of my high school reunion and a speeding ticket.  I share the full stories in today’s vlog.

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