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Did your parents mess you up?

Our parents are the first people we love and look to for guidance and support. They are our first teachers, even if one or both was absent from our lives. They not only teach us how to walk and talk, they also teach us what to believe. Our beliefs about money, God, other people, what it takes to be successful, ourselves, and how the world works, originate from what we saw and heard in our own home. Everything they said or did got stored somewhere in our memory. We yearned for their love, approval and attention.

Needless to say, our parents have a significant impact on our lives. And how they parented us impacts how we parent ourselves today. Many of our core wounds come from things that happened at home. A parent who was critical. A parent who left. A parent who was an addict. A parent who was abusive. A parent who was smothering. A parent who had incredibly high expectations. A parent who was emotionally unavailable. 

I could go on and on. But I won’t because this blog is not about blaming our parents. It is about taking responsibility for our own lives once and for all. 

You have my compassion if you had a parent or parents who you did not feel loved by, seen by, safe with, or acknowledged by. I really get that is a huge challenge to overcome, but you can overcome it.

The first step is to move into 100% acceptance of the parents you had. Let go of any attachment to wanting them to be different in anyway. Let go of any expectation that someday you may get the love from them you desire. 

I realize this may sound crazy, but your parents did the best they could. Really they did. They are just humans. They had their own past and their own parents who impacted how they parented you. You did not come with a manual. Your parents did not have the tools and resources that are available today.

They most likely had their own inner demons that impacted how they showed up for you. The problem is that you took their pain personally. You thought you did something wrong or were unlovable in some way and that is why your parent(s) did not love you the way you wanted. And that huge misunderstanding is the reason why you struggle with self-love, worth, confidence and fulfillment today. 

This struggle can stop once you truly understand that you did NOTHING wrong. You are 100% lovable and worthy of love. You are enough just as you are. There is nothing you need to do to earn love. You are safe.

You must STOP looking to your parents either with blame or with the desire for them to change. It is time to take back your power. It is time to stop being a victim of your circumstances. It is time to stop allowing your past to create your future and present.

How do you do that?

You become the parent to yourself that you did not have. You accept their role in your life and all the lessons you learned. You set boundaries with your parents. You let go of all expectations of them and create your soul family. 

I realize this many not seem like an easy or simple thing to do so I have two recent podcast issues that will help:

Episode 130 

Episode 131

Listen in as I coach Marie and Amy into their own self-love, power, and acceptance. Even if you feel you had amazing parents, there are some incredible take-away’s in these episodes.

Remember: Your parents did the best they could. They did not mess you up. They are the perfect teachers for the things you are here to learn in this lifetime. Forgive them. Forgiveness does not mean you condone their behavior, it means you let go of the judgment and blame so YOU can be free. 

With love,


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EP 131: Heal Mommy Issues and Step Into Self-Love with Amy


This call is about setting boundaries with parents and establishing a sense of self. Today’s caller, Amy, calls in wanting to know how to incorporate self-love into her life but as you will hear in the call, she first needs to set boundaries and to individuate herself from her mother.

Any parent-child relationship, especially the mother-daughter relationship, can be challenging. Parents are often our biggest spiritual teachers and we should accept that they did the best they could. Think about your parents as children. Consider all the things they went through. Many of our parents were raised when there was no access to parenting tips and children don’t come with manuals. So, forgive your parents but also set boundaries with them.

Overprotectiveness can feel like love but it’s not. It is a love based on fear and not true unconditional love. It creates codependency and enmeshment. Amy became her mother’s possession rather than a separate being. She didn’t have a chance to form a sense of self.

It’s dangerous to think of someone as our obsession or belonging. We don’t own other people and we don’t want to love ourselves through others. Being someone’s source of love is enabling. When we become enmeshed with someone we take on their patterns.

If you have a parent or someone in your life you love out of obligation, set boundaries and do not falter. You may not like yourself or them, in the long run, if you don’t hold firm to your boundaries.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • When it comes to self-love how are you doing?
  • Does your confidence depend on external things?
  • Are you extremely close to a parent?
  • Are boundaries challenging for you?

Amy’s Question:

Amy wants to know how to incorporate more self-love into her life.

Amy’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She struggles with self-confidence.
  • She allows her physical attributes to determine her self-worth.
  • She has an unhealthy relationship with her mother.
  • She doesn’t have a clear sense of self or of who she is.
  • She feels guilt and an obligation to her mother.
  • She has no sense of self.

How to get over it and on with it:

  • She needs to individuate herself from her mother.
  • She should get professional help and research Terri Cole’s work to help her with boundary issues.
  • She should have a conversation with her mother about setting boundaries.
  • She should write a letter and let her mother know what she wants their relationship to be.

Assignments and Takeaways:

  • Get clear on the quality and health of your current relationships. Reconsider relationships that rob you of your sense of self.
  • If it’s time to set boundaries with someone, write out the conversation you want to have before speaking with them.
  • Write an F-U letter to the person you want to set boundaries with to get your anger out; then rip up the letter. Then, write a letter about how you want the relationship to be.
  • Get some help. Work one-on-one with someone to help you work through and heal yourself.
  • Free yourself.


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WTF is going on, the Mother/Daughter relationship and Ghosting

First I want to reassure those of you who feel like you are going through a really challenging time that you are not alone. Many of us are dealing with intense challenges and expectation hangovers. This is NOT the time to spiritual bypass or jump to the silver lining. This IS the time to dive deep and explore what the Universe is teaching you or calling you toward.

Things are really intensifying as this year ends and Mercury begins to come out of retrograde so hang on!  I recorded a coaches corner for you to help you navigate this time and also take you through a guided meditation to deal with the uncertainty.

Go here to listen

And tis the season for family drama! If you have a family member who you tend to be particularly triggered by, then I highly suggest listening to episode 118 where I coach Kristen on making self-honoring choices when it comes to her relationship with her mother. A self-honoring choice is an honest choice rooted in truth that comes from love – it is NOT selfish. Often setting boundaries with relatives is challenging because we are afraid of upsetting them. However, if we do not make self-honoring choices and set boundaries, we end up resenting them.

Go here to listen to Ep 118

Finally, have you ever been ghosted? Or have you ghosted someone? Ghosting is when someone you were in communication with all of a sudden totally disappears with zero explanation. Most often it happens in dating. You are seeing someone and texting frequently and then all of a sudden . . . crickets. Ghosting can also happen in friendship. It is incredibly painful and frustrating because you are left with no reason other than the reasons you make up in your head (which are usually not very healthy!). Listen in to this Coaches Corner as I explain ghosting from a psychological point of view and give you tips to get over being ghosted.

Go here to listen 

I hope you enjoy these episodes and I look forward to brining you more inspiring and informative content in 2018. 

Enjoy this holiday season and remember that this time of year can stir up a lot. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and others. Take advantage of the sweetness and magic that is in the air. Let go of stressing about stuff that really does NOT matter. And remember the biggest gift you can give and receive is love.

Sending you so much love and light,


EP 102: How to Know if it’s Time to Leave a Relationship with Renae


This episode is about making self-serving decisions. Today’s caller, Renae, is married, and questioning whether or not her marriage has reached its expiration date. As you can hear in the call, Renea intuitively knows what she should do but she needs to be empowered so she can take action.

Do all relationships where one person is on the growth path, and the other person isn’t, have an expiration date? Not necessarily. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to know when it’s time to leave a relationship. When there is abuse, addiction, or toxic behavior, or the other person is unwilling to invest in the relationship, you have to be honest about why you are still in this type of relationship, and whether it is really serving your highest good.

When it is time to evaluate a relationship, or when it’s time to end it, be honest with yourself and listen to your intuition. You may already know the answer. When we seek counsel with others, we want to hear from someone else what we may already know. Sometimes we are looking for someone to give us permission.

If you are a parent who feels they may have messed up their kids, your fear is not helping you or them. What does help is to help them learn how to make self-honoring decisions. You should start equipping them with the personal development tools and mindset to help them break generational patterns, and to not personalize the situation. Children shouldn’t feel that anything was their fault.

And, actions speak louder than words. We must give someone the dignity of the process but honor our own boundaries. Don’t be a victim. Consider Al-Anon, and find other people you can connect to. Don’t bond over wounds, but find other people who understand your background. It will help empower you.

If you are looking for support, encouragement and love, my Personal Mastery Course,
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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you questioning your current relationship? Are you in, or did you grow up in, an abusive environment?
  • Do you know what to do, but wish someone would give you permission to do it? Have you been attempting to change someone else, but realize the most important person to focus on right now is yourself?

Renae’s Question:

Renae wants to know if she should stay in her current long-term relationship.

Renae’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She grew up in an environment of physical and verbal abuse.
  • Her husband is verbally abusive to her and her children.
  • She doesn’t focus on herself.
  • Her 15-year-old daughter wants her to get a divorce.
  • She’s afraid to make the wrong decision.
  • She recognizes she needs to change her life and to give her kids a different environment.
  • She’s known what to do, but needed validation to move forward.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to make a decision to break patterns and to change things.
  • She needs to start documenting abuse.
  • She needs to stop beating herself up, and practice self-love and self-care.
  • She needs to believe in herself, and give herself positive encouragement.


  • If you are questioning your relationship, ask yourself, “What is this relationship teaching me? What patterns do I need to complete? Could it be time to go? What do I need to do to make a shift?
  • If you are a parent, and feel that your children have seen things in your life or marriage that have been tough and they are struggling, get them help! You can’t be their therapist, counselor, or coach. They may need an objective person they can talk to, and to give them new tools.
  • My Inner Circle community can be a great place to find the love and support from people who know what you are feeling.


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