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One thing you *always* need to have and be

No matter how old you are,

Or where you are in your career,

Or what stage of life you are in,

There is something you always need to have and be!

What is that something? A mentor.

I recently got back from spending time with my speaking mentor and am lit up about how valuable this relationship is. In today’s vlog, I share tips on finding a mentor, cultivating a relationship with that person, and becoming a mentor to others (and I know I needed a fashion mentor in this video as my dress seriously clashes with the background, ha!)..

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Coaches Corner: Jill

300x300-ChristineHassler-PodcastCoverThis is a special edition of coaches corner where I feature JILL who you’ve heard me mention a lot on the show.  Jill has worked with me for six years and is someone who has so much MOJO.  Learn how she keeps her optimistic attitude, upgraded people pleasing tendencies, and keeps moving forward even when she gets “no’s.” I’m so happy to share her with you – listen in for lots of inspiration!!

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