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How to better handle stress

Stress. I do not know anyone that does not experience it. Some of us deal with it daily, while for others it is more situational. No matter how or where stress shows up, it is never good for us yet we have become used to it and possibly even a bit addicted to it.

The thing is that stress is a motivator. It pushes us to get things done. It is also very acceptable in our society. If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say, “I am so busy” or “I am so stressed,” I would have a lot of nickels! 

If you relate to saying these statements, please STOP. You do not want to follow “I am” with things you do not want because it just reinforces it and attracts it to you. 

Stress wreaks havoc on our body, mind, and spirit. It jacks up our cortisol, throws off our hormones, taxes our digestion and disconnects us from our intuition during the times we need it most. 

I know you know that stress is not good for you. So how do you de-stress? Does it require a trip to the Bahamas? No…not at all. Actually a vacation is more an escapism tactic than an actual cure for stress. 

Here’s what does help: a daily meditation practice, breathing, decreasing sugar and caffeine, saying no, delegating, bringing yourself consistently back to the present moment, time blocking, stopping procrastination, ditching perfectionism, and time in nature.   

But sometimes even implementing all of the above does not alleviate our stress because we have not dealt with the core issue of what the stress is TRULY about.

Your stress is not coming from your job, your kids, your partner, your finances or your health. Your stress is coming from how you relate to the circumstances of your life

What I have discovered in my own life and after 13 years of coaching others is that limiting beliefs and old patterns from our past are what perpetuate stress more than anything else. An example will make this more clear. Growing up I had health issues and was also bullied. These things created the limiting beliefs that There is something wrong with my body and People do not like me. Because of these BS beliefs, I was consistently on alert for something to go wrong physically and really self-conscious about how I interacted in the world and how I was perceived. Can you see how this would create stress in my life?

Life can be challenging and there are plenty of invitations to create stress so when we do not get to the core of how and why we relate to our life in a stress-producing way, we will never feel relief.

If you are having trouble wrapping your mind around what I am saying, don’t stress about it!! This week’s podcast, where I coach Adam, will help you make sense of this and offer you some insight into what perpetuates stress in your life. 

Adam calls in asking how he can better handle his stress over not getting multiple promotions at work. Although we start with some action steps he can take to reduce stress, I felt like we had not gotten to the core issue of why this stress was showing up and why he was not being promoted.

What we discovered is that a big cause of his self-imposed stress comes from being raised in a strict household where he constantly felt as if he had to be “good” and that he was never living up to other’s expectations. This is a powerful episode that really ramps up half-way through so be sure not to miss it.

Go here to listen to episode 125 

I hope this episode serves you well by illuminating some BS beliefs that have created stress-producing patterns of behavior in your life and effect the way you relate to the world. What is so great about getting to the core issue of what creates a stress-response in your body is that you can then shift it!!!

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My best tips to stay motivated

Getting motivated is often easy.  We have an initial burst of inspiration toward a goal or get super excited about an idea.  But staying motivated is not always as easy.

As a coach, I am committed to exploring what keeps people motivated to keep progressing toward their goals until they actually reach them. Over the years I have found there is one magical ingredient to consistent motivation and subsequent success: momentum.

I share about how to maintain momentum as well as tell you a story about my recent rock climbing experience in today’s vlog.

After not doing any climbing for at least a decade, I reached the top of a 55-foot wall, which I totally did not think I could do!! I made it all the way without slipping once. The only way I was able to do it was to keep putting one foot in front of the other determined to reach my goal. I never paused and I only looked at where I was on the wall. I never looked down and I never looked up. I kept the momentum going.

This is such a great metaphor for keeping momentum in life. We get bogged down if we look behind us and overwhelmed if we look too far ahead of us. One step at a time with focus, momentum and determination is what helps us reach our goals!

When you loose momentum, you experience a feeling of backtracking, which makes it even harder to get going again. So keep the momentum going by taking at least one step (even if it’s a teeny tiny little baby step) every day toward your goal.

An object in motion stays in motion.  Keep moving toward your goals one step at a time and trust you WILL reach them!! (Tweet this!)

Make sure to watch the video for my three big tips for how to have focus, momentum and determination.

And share with me . . .

What goals are you working toward? What area of your life needs some momentum? Head on over to the comments so I can cheer you on!

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p.p.s. Don’t miss this weeks podcast episode where I coach Ravi on overcoming his inner bully so he can discover his purpose.  Listen here.

EP 35: Getting Motivated and Making Things Happen in Your Life

eps 35 v1We live in a world which is far too dependent on external stimuli. We want something outside of us to come along and make us feel a certain way or to create certain results in our lives.  We celebrate outcome far more than process. And, while external results are great, the key is to increase our joy and our passion is through the process.

Stop waiting for something to happen to start living your heartfelt desires. No one else is going to come along and grant all your wishes. If you are a musician, sing or play your instrument every day. If you are an artist, draw or paint every day. If you are a writer, write every day. If you are a coach, find someone to connect with and serve every day. Whatever that thing is you want to be, do it now. It doesn’t matter if the form isn’t exactly as big or in the exact package that you want, you can express the joy every day or at least every week.

The same goes for waiting for someone else. You cannot wait for a person to come along to make you feel a certain way. If you are single and are longing for a romantic partner to feel love and connection, you need to generate those feelings inside yourself. Have an open and full heart instead of being down in the dumps and thinking something is missing.

Remember that we are the source of everything in our life. We do not have 100% control over external events but we do have a choice over how we want to feel. You are the source.

In today’s call with Melissa, we dive into how she can get her mojo back and how she can get and stay motivated by doing or creating something every day to help her connect with the joy of the process.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you struggling with your mojo or having a hard time getting motivated?
  • Are you waiting for some external thing or person to grant your wishes or make you feel a certain way?
  • Are you more attached to results and not enjoying the process of your life?
  • Is there someone you feel obligated to please by having amazing answers to their questions about your dreams, career or love life?

Melissa’s Question:

Melissa wants to get her mojo and confidence back regarding her acting career.

Melissa’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She may be experiencing adultolescence
  • She’s looking for something external to re-ignite her mojo
  • She can make her vision clearer
  • She teaches people how to treat her by her responses to their questions
  • Honoring herself will help get her mojo back

How to get over it and on with it:

  • She can direct her life more instead of waiting for things to happen to her
  • She needs to generate inspiration from inside herself
  • She can try to create opportunities to connect with other people
  • She can start creating her own content and do it every day
  • She should honor her choices and stand by them

Tools and Takeaways:

  • Write down or act out the times in your life when you had mojo and use it as a reference point to connect back to the feeling.
  • Act the part and create the feelings you want to feel every day.
  • Practice responding in a different way to those people who make you feel pressure. Be congruent in your own self-acceptance.


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A Prayer Of Gratitude

I love the week of Thanksgiving here in the States because gratitude is on everyone’s mind. When we are aware of what we do have, we are a lot less inclined to obsess about all the things we don’t. Cultivating a consciousness of gratitude is a spiritual practice – it’s a MUST for anyone who is committed to living a life of love.

My personal gratitude practice consists of an evening gratitude ritual that I have done for years. Every night before I go to bed, I write a list of things that happened that day that I am particularly grateful for. Things like a rockstar parking spot, magical moments of serendipity, a fabulous meal, a laugh with a friend, or noticing an old pattern or trigger come up that offers me an opportunity to work my process. My gratitude journal (which I share with you in the video) is also a wonderful way to keep a diary of my life. I love looking back through it to reflect on past moments and celebrate lessons and blessings.

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