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Tap Into Your Greatness and Overcome Any Obstacle Standing Between You and What You Truly Desire.


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What is the Secret Sauce TRAINING Program?

The Secret Sauce Training is a six month program designed to help you tap into your greatness and overcome any obstacles standing between you and what you truly desire.

Whether you want to generate more money, start a new business, or take your current business to new levels. Whether you want to attract a job promotion, find a life partner, or tackle an artistic endeavor, the Secret Sauce Training provides you with strategies, expertise and support to take you there.

You’ve Got Secret Sauce

It’s a unique set of gifts, skills and experience that set you apart. When you embrace your Secret Sauce and express it fully, you can accomplish anything. Once you crystallize your Secret Sauce, you’ll find that work flows more easily, the right people seem to show up in perfect timing, big opportunities arise, and abundance of all kinds (including more income) suddenly land in your lap.

It’s because you’re aligned with your purpose and you’re using your gifts.

That’s Secret Sauce.

Our mission together in the Secret Sauce Training is to help you embrace, embody, and cultivate these ingredients to experience a whole new level of success – personally and professionally.

I know it’s possible because I’ve done it myself. My life changed when I learned how to connect with my inner guidance and remove obstacles, distractions, and limiting beliefs that kept me from living (and monetizing) my purpose.

Now, I want to help you uncover your Secret Sauce too because helping others clarify and leverage their gifts is actually a BIG part of my Secret Sauce.


About Christine…

So a little about me… I have authored three best-selling books, had a thriving coaching practice for over a decade, spoken to thousands on corporate and personal empowerment stages, been a featured expert on numerous national Television shows and magazines, and lead retreats all over the world. I have a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, training in NLP, hypnotherapy and participated in many entrepreneurial mastermind trainings.

But that is just what I do. Who I am is compassionate, creative, loving, nurturing, witty, and deeply intuitive. My Secret Sauce is combining my mystical and practical gifts to advise and encourage others to step into their full potential – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the work I feel blessed to do.

Here’s How Our 6-Month Training Program Will Unfold for You:

  • Every three weeks, we’ll come together for a mastermind call hosted by me. I will share a success lesson with you plus you’ll have the chance to receive some laser coaching in a group environment.
  • We’ll also have 90 minutes of one-on-one coaching together where you and I will take a deep dive into your unique goals, desires, and obstacles.
  • We will meet together as a small group for two In-Person retreats in Los Angeles. During these intensive 3-Day events, you will experience the perfect mix of inner work, strategy, coaching, and networking. And it’s a ton of fun!!
  • Every day, you can also connect with your Secret Sauce peers in our private online community. My team and I share resources on this page and we set up challenges to keep you motivated. Plus, you’ll get to brainstorm as a group and support one another through your goal-getting process.
  • My Right Hand Gal, head of Business Development and Queen of Enrollment (and enthusiasm!), Jill Esplin, will also provide you with 4 concentrated laser-coaching sessions when you need extra clarity and motivation.
  • You’ll also have access to lessons from my inner circle of experts including keynote speakers, social media mavens, marketing experts, and other centers of influence.
  • Each week, you’ll partner with a small group of fellow Secret Saucers for alternating thinking partnership and accountability calls. This one element will be a total game-changer for you.
The Secret Sauce Training is spiritual and practical. It is mystical and methodical. It’s also tailored to the particular needs of each group. My team and I are with you all the way and will do whatever we can to assist you in bringing your dreams and desires to fruition. That might look like, introductions to key people, on the spot coaching, and recommendations that align with you and your needs.

This program is for you if are ready and willing to:

  • Take a big leap out of fear and into faith
  • Say “yes” to a dream or desire
  • Acknowledge yourself as someone with a calling
  • Tap into your full potential
  • Stop playing small and let go of your story
  • Create soul-centered relationships where you are fully seen for who you are
  • Be vulnerable
  • Do what you say you are going to do
  • Make commitments and take action

Your Purpose is My Passion, So Let’s Bring Your Secret Sauce to Life

If you’re excited, this resonates with you and you want to learn more, the first step is to fill out an application by clicking here.

I put a lot of energy and thought into curating an extraordinary group of participants for this training. If you would like to be one of them, please click here to fill out your application.

From there, my Program Coordinator, Jill will contact you to schedule an
interview where you can discuss your goals and the program to discover if you’re a fit. This program is 100% based on application and invitation. If this resonates, act fast.



  • “I wish I could put into words how much Secret Sauce has changed me. It is the BEST investment I’ve ever made. I would pay way more than I did to experience this place of authentic power inside. It is deeply profound how much I have changed in such a short time.” Tonya, Business Coach

  • “I am writing a book that I have been talking about for 8 years and this program has given me permission to dream big and move forward. I am no longer living behind excuses and recognizing my gifts.” Greg, Therapist and Author

  • “When I started Secret Sauce I had an idea of what I wanted to do and was looking for a way to make it into a money-making business. Through the program, I have received so much practical guidance as well as tons of support from the group. I am now serving from a place of who I really am. It feels simple, yet empowering. I am finally living the passion I felt as a little girl.” Andrea, Comedian

  • “The way Christine facilitates this program has helped me discover my true desires and learn how to monetize them! Doing this work from my heart is beyond words – I love this program!” Gosia, Workshop Facilitator

  • “Getting into action in my business and doing it without fear wasn’t something I was feeling before I did this program. My confidence has really integrated because of it.” Natalie, Life Coach

  • “This program has changed my wife in ways I never could have imagined. I have no idea how they did it (I’m working under the assumption it’s like Area 51 and best not to ask any questions). I’ve never seen my wife clearer, more in touch with who she is and what she wants out of everything in her life – from her career to her relationships and beyond. She vibrates with motivation. She glows with a newfound belief and success in her business. And it’s contagious. Her growth inspired me to hold a mirror up and ask questions of myself. In doing so, my wife and I met on a whole new level and discovered our secret sauce. That’s 2 miracles for the price of 1!!” Pete, husband of Daniela

  • “I have had the privilege of doing a lot of introspective work but I would have to say that I have never reached this depth of personal insight. Christine and Jill are so committed to the process that they are able to hold the space for transformation with sincere love. The uniqueness of this program is the connection with your essence and the practical tools and strategies that you are coached on to manifest your purpose. This program for me was the process of total integration of my “being Self” and my “doing self”. – Nida, Corporate Executive transforming into Intrinsic Coach

  • “I am proud to say I have my own business as a holistic wellness coach. The biggest impact the Secret Sauce program has given me is that I no longer feel like I am on this island trying to operate and stay motivated on my own. I have this constant sense of connection and inspiration from the group and Christine and Jill. I have learned to embody who I am, why I am here and why I want to bring the work I do to my clients and the world. It has been the most life changing experience I have ever been a part of. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.” – Daniela, Holistic Wellness Coach

  • “Secret Sauce has been a support in my business by allowing me to receive the support and nurture that I need. I realized in my business so many people rely on me to show up and I needed a group that would support me.” – Rosa, VP of Corporate Sales and Yoga Studio Owner

  • “Before secret sauce I was capable, successful and…lost, and miserable. Now, I have re-found myself. I know exactly who I am and show up to my marriage, friendships, business meetings, and leadership roles comfortable in my own skin. I am really great at the “goal-line” side of life but got a little lost with the “soul-line.” Being in this container allowed me the space to really rediscover who I am and how I wanted to show up in life. It allowed me to balance the masculine and feminine. It supported me to let go of old stories and move forward into my next stage of life and new leadership roles.

    I have done and led many leadership development programs and business workshops, but this one is so different and the most transformational. This has a lot to do with Christine and Jill and the amazing people they handpick to be a part of your tribe. I have made a whole new group of friends and deep relationships with people from around the world and from different backgrounds. When I said yes to the program, I said yes to myself, and that has changed my life forever.” Kelsea, MBA/MS Global Operations and Sustainability Expert at Boeing

  • “I was really hesitant about my wife investing in this program at the beginning. She’s only at the halfway mark now and I have seen a profound change in her. I have always seen that she is a powerful and gifted woman and have always wanted her to see in herself what I could see. This program put her in touch with her own essence and I have seen it impact everything in her life positively – her own confidence in herself and her unique gifts, the way she mothers, and how she is as a wife.” – Paul, Husband of Tonya

  • “Secret Sauce was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life.  This 6-month program allowed me to up level EVERY aspect of my life.  In the first 30 days I left a job that was so draining and I felt free, encouraged and with Secret Sauce I was supported and given the tools by working with Christine and everyone involved in the program.  I was given the tools to deepen into my inner wisdom, define my “secret sauce”, discover my gifts, experience my divine purpose and I felt called into my greatness.  I am at a whole new level in my life” – Katie Rojano

  • “By doing the Secret Sauce program I was able to harness what makes me unique in my field and stand in my confidence. My rates for being a doula and birth coach have doubled, which means I work less and make more.  When I started the program I was like a hamster on a wheel and it was about getting through my list of to do’s and almost every day I would feel buried and busy.  What I got out of the program was the ability to go inward and transform the way I looked at my business and let go of the idea that I had to “do it all.”  I was able to open up to the essence of me.” – Becky Leonard

  • “There really are no words to express my gratitude I have for Secret Sauce.   I have managed to write a book and speak on a large stage, which is something I never thought I would do.   I feel empowered to go out into the world and simply be me.   I realized that my Secret Sauce is unique, beautiful, has a purpose and that by “being me” I can heal the world with love and compassion.” – Lee Ann Dekker

  • “My wife glows in every way now.  In the past she was sometimes all over the place and stressed. In working with Christine and Jill, I’ve noticed that her glow has not only become brighter and lovelier but focused, deliberate and peaceful. This has resulted in her becoming a more empowered woman, an entrepreneurial force, and an even better wife and mother.” – Norm Leonard