This episode is about our money story. Today’s caller, Emily, calls in asking about gaining clarity and her purpose but what we reveal is her relationship with money impacts many things for her. Her unconscious programming holds beliefs that are directly at odds with what she wants for herself.

If you grew up not having a lot of money or being told money was evil then there you may have some trauma around having money. And just like going back and healing emotional wounds, we have to go back and heal our financial wounds as well.

Our careers, being parents, or what we do in the world gets confused with what we think we are here on the earth to do. Your purpose in life isn’t your career. We mistakenly think that it is our purpose. What I feel is true, is that our purpose is to evolve our soul as much as possible. Our purpose is to elevate our consciousness, move out of fear and judgment, and come back into knowing we are whole and we are love. Doing the work is the purpose. Our profession is just an expression of what we do.

But, just because your purpose is not your career it doesn’t mean you need to be in a soul-sucking career. Your purpose in life is also not to suffer. So, if you want to move out of something where you feel like you are suffering and your soul is being sucked out of your body while you are sitting in your cubicle, know that part of your purpose is joy. You deserve to do something that brings you more joy.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • When you think about money, what comes up for you? Do you feel abundant, neutral, excited, or stressed?
  • Growing up, what were you told about money?
  • Do you live paycheck-to-paycheck?
  • Do you know what your purpose is and do you believe you can make money doing it?


Emily’s Question:

Emily wants help in getting clear about her purpose and help with goal setting for the future.


Emily’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She finds it difficult to plan for the future.
  • She wants the burden and fear about money to be lifted to attain financial freedom.
  • She wants to feel calm, free and living with purpose.
  • Her mother had a scarcity mindset.
  • As a child, she was told she was wise beyond her years and stubborn.
  • Her adopted identity is in direct conflict with having money.
  • Her unconscious programming tells her having money is bad.
  • She is passionate about helping people.
  • She is enrolled in my Personal Mastery Course.


How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset.
  • She should read Money: A Love Story, by Kate Northrup and listen to podcasts about money.
  • She needs to believe she is abundant.
  • She needs to drop into her intuition.



  • Look at your money story and check out the resources I mentioned in the podcast. Get some new belief systems in place.
  • Work those belief systems. Tell yourself a different story and collect evidence for why the new story is true.
  • Look at how you are making money in your life and if you feel you are “on purpose.”
  • Join me for my Spring Retreat in San Diego March 6th-8th.



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