EP 403: How to Take Risks When You Don’t Feel Financially Secure with Julie

This episode is about taking risks or making changes when you don’t feel safe or secure on some level. Today’s caller, Julie, feels stressed about making money because she is not doing something she is passionate about. Christine offers her guidance on how to shift her perspective into making an intentional transition.

One of my pet peeves of the personal development industry is the implied pressure to just make changes, take leaps, or have courage. And, while it is important to be able to make changes and to be able to take leaps, when you feel not safe on some level, it is going to be challenging.

It’s always a blend of not staying in something that is familiar and “safe” but not what you want to be doing for so long that you get accustomed to feeling safe but not feeling alive, Not really feeling like you’re doing what you’re passionate about. Because the years will go by and your dream will quickly fade.

However, you don’t want to just drop everything and make a drastic change when you don’t feel safe. When it comes to safety, we are humans who have basic needs. We have the need for love. We have the need for feeling that our physical needs are met also.

There is a part of us that if we’re not doing what we love or what we really desire, it can be difficult to make money at it because if we’re really being called to something else, and we’re not listening to it, often we’ll have a sabotaging part that will come up.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you a people-pleaser and make decisions based on what you think other people want from you versus what you truly want from yourself?
  • Are you making choices or doing things that are breeding resentment, maybe in your marriage, a friendship, in business, or with your parents?
  • Do you feel unsafe and unstable in some way and you are doing something just for the money?
  • Do you want to make a change but you feel like you just can’t because you’re not financially “stable” enough?

Julie’s Question:

Julie is looking for guidance about personal finances.

Julie’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She and her husband feel stressed about money.
  • She is self-employed in her small business.
  • She started working with an IFS therapist.
  • She consumes a lot of information about her small business.
  • She is a people-pleaser.
  • She feels pressure from her husband to make more money.
  • She likes helping people.
  • She tires of doing what other people think she should do.
  • She felt love from her parents was conditional.
  • She judges herself for not doing what she wants to do.
  • She has a love/hate relationship with money.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Create a self-love-healing plan and an action plan.
  • Approach her work from a different perspective.
  • Identify where her triggers originate.
  • Create safety in her system.
  • Love herself through it.
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  • What are the steps, both internally and externally, you need to take to make an intentional transition?
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