EP 413: How to Surrender and Keep Hope When You Are Not Getting What You Truly Desire with Eva

This coaching call is about surrender and keeping hope. Today’s caller, Eva, is ready to give up hope and accept that she may never get pregnant. But her intuition is telling her that one day she will be a mother. She asks Christine for guidance and clarity about how to shift into acceptance and let go of her desire to have a baby.

Our drive and yearning to have a child can be due to our wanting to make our own childhood different. It is a reason why the desire to have a child can be so strong. There is an attachment to wanting to have a biological child that causes a degree of stress inside our system and it can make it harder for the body to get pregnant.

The body will relax when we surrender. But how do we surrender but not give up hope? Resignation is giving up and feeling that you don’t care about what happens. Surrender is more of a letting-go energy. Just handing it over to a higher power, handing it over to a source, handing it over to God, and keeping that longing and desire in your heart.

Oftentimes, our “soul babies” want a certain kind of clearing of generational patterns before they come in. And, our bodies strive to be healthy before they carry a baby.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Have you been wanting something for a long time and you keep trying but it’s not happening?
  • Have you decided to surrender, but still have some hope and it leads to an expectation hangover?
  • Were you able to fully relax and surrender as a child?
  • As a coping strategy, are you a planner? Does controlling and planning everything help you to feel safe?

Eva’s Question:

Eva has been trying to have a child and has not yet gotten pregnant. Her intuition tells her she will one day have a child. She is looking for guidance about how to reduce her monthly expectation hangovers.

Eva’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She used fertility drugs to try to get pregnant.
  • She grieved the idea of being childless.
  • Her gut tells her that one day she will become pregnant and be a mother.
  • She doesn’t want to have an expectation hangover every month when she menstruates.
  • Her planning and control is a trauma response.
  • She believes she needs to mother herself better.
  • Her mother was emotionally volatile.
  • Her mood as a child was based on the mood of her mother.
  • Her nervous system is dysregulated.
  • Her inner child wants to be held.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Surrender and let go of the attachment to having a biological child but stay open to the idea.
  • Rediscover her true essence.
  • Know that it is not her fault for not getting pregnant.
  • Give herself the childhood, and love she deserves, but never had.
  • Begin the Inner Child Workshop.


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