EP 416: How to Find Inspiration When Just You Feel Like You Don’t Have Any with Jo

The essence of this coaching call is what causes inspirational blocks and the unhealthy ways we try to motivate ourselves. Today’s caller, Jo, is asking for guidance about how to tap into her inspiration. The pandemic impacted her nervous system and left her lacking the motivation to live into her purpose.

Often, what inspires us is the stuff that makes us mad. It doesn’t mean we need to come out with anger at people. We need to move through the anger to find the fire and the passion that lies underneath. Then, we can step into the feminine power of discernment and discover our Warrior Woman. Which is a beautiful place to be. When we do this we allow ourselves to be pulled forward by a calling and a mission, versus looking for something external to motivate us.

Women, in general, are not great with our anger. It leaks out in certain ways but we are not great at tapping into our rage and anger and letting it out in a healthy way. This blocks us from our passion. And if we keep suppressing our emotions, rage, and anger we will feel depressed.

Plus, we tend to motivate ourselves by being hard on ourselves and looking at what we think is wrong and the changes we need to make. We believe if we make ourselves miserable enough then maybe we will be motivated to make a change. That is a strategy that doesn’t work or only works for the short term. It allows our inner critic to run the show and we burn ourselves out.

When we realize we are not doing anything wrong and that we are living our purpose because we are learning, growing, healing, and raising our consciousness, it releases the feeling of failure.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you feeling a lack of inspiration?
  • Do you feel you had a setback during the pandemic and you haven’t been able to come back from it?
  • Do you want to feel like you’re making an impact, that you matter, and what you’re doing in the world matters?
  • Are you someone who benefits from connection with other people? Are you an extrovert who isn’t connecting with people enough?

Jo’s Question:

Jo is asking about how to find inspiration and motivation for herself and her business in the here and now.

Jo’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She gave up her teaching job to write a novel and build a coaching business.
  • She moved in with her parents.
  • The pandemic impacted her nervous system.
  • She has difficulty spending a lot of time by herself.
  • She wants to do something meaningful.
  • She gets overwhelmed with business tasks.
  • She is trying to motivate herself by being hard on herself.
  • She wants to be inspired by life.
  • She has finished her novel.
  • She signed a lease on an office.
  • She is an extrovert.
  • She lived with depression for a long time.
  • She longs for freedom, transparency, and truth.
  • She sees her anger as a negative.
  • She started her business after she found self-compassion.
  • She is joining Elementum Coaching.

How to Get Over It and On With It:


  • Consider Is there a part of you that wants to be free and believes that if you do what you want bad things will happen?
  • Get to know your anger, feel it, and understand it.


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