Coaches Corner: How to stop numbing with pot and Interview with “SexyFit” Founder Zlata Sushchik

A mix and match episode of Coaches Corner this week!! Listen to me answer a listener question about using marijuana as a salve to soothe some hurts, anxiety and restlessness. I also have a chat with Zlata Sushchik about balancing masculine / feminine energy related to our workouts and nutrition. She also takes us through […]

EP 71: I Am Afraid of Losing What I Love! With Nicole

Today’s episode is about being confident in your current relationship. During this coaching session with Nicole, she tells me she is in her first serious romantic relationship, and she is afraid she is going to sabotage it. Nicole is to be acknowledged for her level of awareness and coachability during this call. It was fun […]

Coaches Corner: Caller Questions: Manning Up and “Upper Limits” Problems

Christine answers caller questions from Adam and Ally. Learn about why when life gets too good. We often freak out, worry it’s going to end or accidentally sabotage it.  This is called an Upper Limits Problem.  Christine also coaches on how to get out of a victim funk, man (or woman) up and change your life. Subscribe […]

EP 70: Why Am I Still Single? With Alex

Today’s episode is about moving from being single to being in a relationship. I coach Alex on uncovering fears and limiting beliefs that can keep us from being in a relationship, or anything we truly want. When we desire something, and it does not manifest in our life, we have a tendency to blame ourselves, […]



Six Steps to Intuitive Decision  Making
The step-by-step guide will teach you how to:
  • Finally make choices in your life with absolute confidence
  • Start listening to your inner voice & bypass feelings of overwhelm
  • Learn to stop asking others for opinions and advice

Christine Hassler