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Coaches Corner: Christine answers listener questions about relationship and career

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In this episode of Coaches Corner, Christine opens her inbox and answers three emails from listeners.  Tune in for guidance on relationships, healing old wounds, and choosing a career path that lights up your soul!

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EP 107: Getting Over Boredom in Your Job with Becca


This episode is about suppressing feelings and being comfortable in our own skin. Today’s caller, Becca, could have been a millennial who was accustomed to instant gratification and unrealistic expectations when it came to working. But, that isn’t what she struggles with at all. I didn’t stereotype her or jump to conclusions, instead, I asked her what is the most challenging thing in her life.

It’s hard to get yourself motivated and inspired when there is no feeling associated with what you are doing. Often, we think something external is the problem but there is no external without the internal. When we don’t know how to process our feelings, we numb the pain and keep upping the numbing technique. It’s important to learn how to process our Expectation Hangovers, our old hurts, our old pains.

When a pattern of discomfort has become too comfortable we may just want to change our lives, but like in Becca’s case, this can lead to extreme behavior. And, if you are holding on to shame, release it. Get it out into the light. Shame comes with blame. It’s time to forgive yourself and to forgive the other person because holding on to anger and resentment is only hurting you.

If you are looking for support, encouragement, and love, my Personal Mastery Course, Over It and On With It is the most comprehensive virtual coaching program I have. You receive six weeks of personalized coaching with me, guided meditations, videos, and I engage with you live on Facebook Lives and in group coaching calls. This course starts in October and it’s only offered once per year.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Would you consider yourself a bit of an extremist?

Becca’s Question:

Becca feels something is holding her back from being committed to her work.

Becca’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She is mimicking the patterns of her dad.
  • She distracted herself with drugs and alcohol to deal with her parent’s divorce.
  • She’s looking for quick fix.
  • She feels ashamed of contracting an STD.
  • She thinks of leaving her job when she needs a quick fix for a problem.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should forgive herself for distracting herself with partying.
  • She should bring her best to the job she is in now.
  • She can take responsibility for her choices without blaming herself.
  • She can do the exercises in Expectation Hangover.


  • If you are bored in your job or relationship examine if you have difficulty being present.
  • Look at how some of your worst fears are already happening. Consider what you are going to do to change it.
  • Bring your shame out of the shadows. Forgive yourself and forgive others.
  • If you are bored in your work, or life, write a letter about everything that is wonderful about your situation. How can you bring more excitement from the inside out?


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“Healing Shame and Knowing You Are Lovable — No Matter What” Podcast

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CC: Christine answers questions about how to not “take on’ other people’s stuff and how to restart your career.

christine hassler podcastJennifer is a therapist who is feeling physically depleted after working with clients.  Christine gives her best tips for protecting her energy and serving people in a way that is energizing, not depleting. 

James is 54 years old and has worked at the same office job for three decades. He is interested in shifting to becoming self-employed but is disappointed he has not been able to get his new career off the ground.

Listen in as Christine addresses both these topics.

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Love: Practice Makes the Master!  Join Christine and Aubrey Marcus for an empowering and transformational retreat in Austin. 


EP 83: Letting Go of Parental “Mistakes” with Cathy.

Make sure to listen to this episode to hear Christine talk about the difference between sympathy and compassion.h



EP 77: How to Get Over Your Fear of Pursuing Your Dream Career with Katie

EP77v1This episode is about pursuing dreams, overcoming fears, and stepping into the freedom of being an entrepreneur. Today’s caller, Katie, feels a calling to start a business as a coach, but fear is holding her back.

We don’t get out of fear with pep talks or trying to push our way through. We get out of fear through action. One of Katie’s action steps is enrolling in B-School.

Fear about what other people think of you will paralyze you, if you are not focused on service and impact. If you make your work about you, it will drain you emotionally. You will constantly be trying to protect yourself from criticism or judgment. It is not possible for everyone to like you. Feedback is feedback. You can choose to get triggered by it, and take it personally, or you can receive it neutrally. You have your own unique group of people you are supposed to help. Stop giving your energy to the people who aren’t your people.

If you stop analyzing everything, and start taking action, you will be able to use the energy to generate momentum in your business. Please stop wasting your time and energy obsessing about what other people think.

If you feel a calling and feel like you have gifts to share, stop stalling, and trust your gifts; it wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t leading you somewhere. Your dreams and desires are not random. But, only you can turn them into reality.

If you desire freedom of time and freedom of self expression, or you can feel a calling to do what you love, enroll in Marie Forleo’s B-School. I use what I learned in B-School in my business. It has helped me to uplevel every aspect of my business. Enrollment ends March 3rd, so use the payment plan and get started. It pays for itself. I am offering 4 free 90-minute group coaching calls, access to a private Facebook group, guided meditations, mastermind day and other bonuses because I believe in the program so much.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel a calling, but fear is stopping you?
  • Do you want to put yourself out there, but are concerned about what other people will think of you?
  • Do you believe you need to be perfect, and have everything figured out, before you can help others or start a business?
  • Do you worry about being too vulnerable?
  • Are you wondering where the line is between being relatable and being professional?

Katie’s Question:

Katie would like to know how to get through the fear and anxiety that has come with the attention her new business is getting.

Katie’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She’s afraid of what people will think about her.
  • She is judging herself more than other people are judging her.
  • She doesn’t know where to draw the line, when sharing her personal situation.
  • She knows sharing her story is important.
  • She should lean into her excitement and not the fear and anxiety.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should focus on serving others, not on herself.
  • She should own her feelings, and acknowledge she may not be completely through her stuff.
  • She should acknowledge which stage her business is in.
  • She should lean into what she wants more of, and how she wants to serve others.
  • She should get excited about her new business.
  • She should write out her mission and get clear on her why.
  • She should focus on the people who resonate with her.


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