EP 182: Calling in Your Partner With Vanessa

This episode is about surrendering to the divine and raising your vibrations. Today’s caller, Vanessa, has done the personal development and feels she is ready to call in a life partner but still struggles with her worthiness and in trusting that her partner is coming. If you have the awareness that the universe supports you but you don’t find trusting and letting go of control easy you will find value in this call whether you are calling in a partner or not.

Are you controlling a little too much through either your actions or your continual pursuit to figure things out or manifest things? Are you willing to 100% believe the universe has heard your request and the only thing you need to do is get in alignment with believing it will happen?

I know a lot of people who have a lot of awareness; they’ve done a lot of personal growth work but when it comes to really deeply surrendering and trusting that everything is going to work out and our dreams can’t come true, that’s when roadblocks show up.

Internal work is important. But there comes a time when we know we have done the work and released the blocks and it’s time to trust. A superpower of the feminine is to relax into surrendering. Surrendering does not mean complacency. It takes a lot of courage because you are surrendering into trusting that your higher self and your higher power are co-creating your deepest desires and partnerships.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you compare yourself to others and it seems as if they are getting what they want but you aren’t?
  • Have you done work on yourself and are patiently waiting to see the results of your work?
  • Are you tempted to settle for good enough when it comes to relationships or your dreams because you are tired of waiting?
  • Do you really trust?

Vanessa’s Question:

Vanessa would like to call in a lifetime partnership.

Vanessa’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She has been doing personal development work.
  • She has noticed a shift in who she attracts.
  • She hasn’t dated heavily in the past few years.
  • She feels a strong fear of commitment.
  • She didn’t feel comfortable with who she was.
  • She feels good when she has things under control.
  • She doesn’t feel like she hasn’t fully surrendered.
  • She is forgetting who she really is.
  • She compares herself with others.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to recognize maybe her partner isn’t ready yet.
  • She needs to spend time leaning into her connection with the divine.
  • She should be careful about comparisons and trust God loves her the way she is.
  • She needs to trust her partner is coming.
  • She needs to elevate her vibration and surrender.
  • She needs to fall deeply in love with herself.


  • Ditch all the lists you’ve made about what you want and make one about how you want to feel.
  • Have an attachment release ceremony.
  • Raise your vibration and act as if what you want is already here.
  • Be your own best partner. Enjoy your life.


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