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Coaches Corner: Dealing with Difficult or Toxic People

Christine discusses a recent experience she had with a very difficult person and offers tips for how you can deal with toxic situations in a healthy way.  And attention men!! Christine’s dear friend Preston Smiles is inviting you into MAN CAVE.  WHAT IS IT?  A virtual Conscious Man Brotherhood where we EXPLORE , EXPAND and ELEVATE […]


Why is it taking so long?

Do you ever feel like your dreams are taking a really long time to come true? The career you want has not happened despite your efforts. The relationship you desire has not manifested even though you have feng shuied your house and have done Calling in “The One”.  The debt you have been chipping away at still […]

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EP 129: Answering Your Calling with Carrie

This call is about answering your soul’s calling and making a career transition. Today’s caller, Carrie, feels compelled to answer her soul’s calling but has limiting beliefs about herself that are holding her back. She doesn’t believe she can have the job she wants and make money at it. I don’t think our soul comes with […]


EP 128: Manning Up and Breaking Free of Being a Rescuer with William

This call is about embracing your true self and moving away from the savior role. Today’s caller, William, thought he was looking for clarity about his career decision but it was more about learning to embrace his masculinity. Many men struggle with what masculinity means to them. I have compassion for the masculine. Recently, the masculine […]


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